No Fish Friday this week

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Due to the severe winds that have been blowing this week, there have been no local fish landed.

Chantelle is hoping to have fresh fish next week, but in the meantime, here is a full update from Fresh From the Boat:

Happy New Year From Fresh From The Boat!

Fresh Fish will start again next week weather permitting.

Good Morning,

We hope you all have had an amazing Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year For 2018.


Sarah C our boat has been out of the water and on dry standing. Pete & Alishia have done a full paint job on her, to protect her for the year ahead. She was lifted back in yesterday and this week new safety gear will be fitted as well as all new electrical work will be carried out, as we have our MCA inspection next week. This is always a nervous time for us as we need to pass this to be able to continue to work her.

Weather and Fish

We wanted to start back at Tuppenny Barn, Stansted and Home Deliveries this week but unfortunately the weather is just not on our side.

We have gale force winds in, what looks to be staying with us for the most of January.

So weather allowing our first sales day will be next week at Stansted Park Farm Shop 10am – 1pm on Friday 12th January 2018.

I know myself I’m in desperate need for some fresh fish in my diet, so as soon as the weather allows us, we shall be out there.

January through to March are our toughest months, generally because it’s so windy, we shall send out as many alerts as possible so you know where we are and when.

Also please don’t forget you can always call me on 07551 008896 to place an order or to confirm if I’m at a location due to weather.

An updated fish list will go out as soon as possible for next week.

Once again thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you next week.