The Cherry season has begun and with this sunshine they are particularly sweet and juicy.  The cherries are from Godshill Cherry Orchard on the Isle of Wight, grown by Simeon and delivered personnally by his Dad or his Sister as the entire family is drafted in for deliveries.

They are fantastic, a big juicy bite of British Summer and ideal in this hot weather.  They join the summer fruits of Pagham Strawberries, Hampshire Blueberries and Raspberries that are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Godshill Farm also grow Apricots, Green Gages and Plums, and these will be with us later in the year.

Cherries are hand-picked from the Southern slopes of the Isle of Wight and delivered to us the following day.  The cherry season is only 6 weeks long, but luckily you can enjoy the taste with their homemade cherry jam, cherry juice and cherry chutney that we also now stock.

Cherries are £1.99 per bag, or £7.50/kg

Cherry Jam & Chutney £3.49

Cherry Juice £6.50