We had the opportunity to get some Herdwick Mutton in this week.  Herdwick sheep have grazed around Borrowdale in the Lake District for over 1000 years, and are uniquely acclimatised to the Cumbrian Fells.  The meat has been hung for two weeks and provides a gamey, full flavour that reflects the natural diet of this slow-maturing breed. It’s a small, hardy breed, so the cuts are closer in size to lamb than traditional mutton, but the quality is absolutely superb.

Herdwick mutton was served at the Queen’s Coronation dinner and has achieved Protected Designated of Origin (PDO) status in 2012. This is a European Standard of Food Protection which ensures the product’s quality, provenance and full traceability.

This mutton will only be available this week, so grab some if you get the chance.

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