Summer Tarts & Picnic Cheese

We have some spectacular summer tarts available in the deli this weekend, made with fresh Westlands Strawberries, local rhubarb or apple, they are light, delicate and indulgent.  They are £2.50 each and were handmade this morning by Vicky’s husband, Alexander.  They go alongside our brownies, florentines and flapjacks, pies, quiche … Read More

Sushi Special Offer – Little Fish Launch their Summer Menu

We’re extremely pleased to let you know that our partners Little Fish, Sushi in the Sticks (@littlefishsushiinthesticks) have another glorious promotion to celebrate their new summer menu.  There’s a 50% discount on all their new menu items if you order between Tuesday 21st May until Sunday 2nd June for collection … Read More

Local Drinks Producers

A few months ago, Hill Farm Juice wrote a letter to say that they are no longer able to stay in business.  The price of apples has not risen in the 23 years that they have been in business, while the price of electricity, glass, packaging, distribution and labour has … Read More

Dexter Beef from Westerlands Farm

We have some beautiful aged Dexter Beef that has been hanging for 3 weeks and is now tender and delicious.  The Dexter comes from Westerlands Farm near Petworth, that are now farming regeneratively while enhancing the farm’s biodiversity.  Regenerative farming works to improve soil health by increasing soil organic matter … Read More

Big Green Egg Demo Day

50th Birthday for the Big Green Egg We have a special offer, free beer and fizz and roast beef tasting, all before this year’s price increases, so there has never been a better time to buy a Big Green Egg than the weekend of 25th – 27th May. Demo Day: … Read More

Vicky’s Bean Salad

Vicky has put together a delicious, filling and healthy bean salad that is available to buy in pots alongside her sausage rolls, pies and quiche. Made with a mix of organic White beans, Red Kidney Beans, Butter Beans and Chickpeas, she has then added grated carrot, baby spinach, chopped red … Read More

The Changing Seasons: Venison, Fruit & Veg

This month, some of our favourite local foods are coming into season, while the winter stalwarts drop out.  Asparagus has finally emerged – sourced directly from Slade Farm in Rogate and delivered fresh to our door.  We have 3 bunches for £9 or a bunch for £3.25 with its incredible … Read More

Winchester Distillery

Winchester Distillery has been going since 2014, and is based in the centre of Winchester, using botanicals from the surrounding South Downs landscape. Twisted Nose Gin: We are particularly fond of their Twisted Nose gin which uses Hampshire Watercress as the main botanical. Presented in a bespoke bottle that ripples … Read More

Spring Cheese Board

We’ve put together a Spring Cheese Board with a selection of cheeses that make you think of wildflower meadows, with fresh, zingy flavours and lovely colours. This board has 5 different cheese with their own Spring Story: Sussex Floral: This cows milk cheese is dressed in edible organic marigold and … Read More

Muntjac Venison Chops

Lee has prepared some Muntjac chops this week, using the best cut of the best wild venison on the bone.  Muntjac are the smallest and tastiest of Stansted’s resident deer and although the loin and fillet are absolutely delicious, they are too small to do much with.  Cooking them on … Read More

Pheasant Egg & Asparagus Caesar Salad

Pheasant Eggs are only in season for about 6 weeks, so take advantage while you can.  They are smaller and richer in flavour than hens eggs, so pack a punch and can be used in any recipe that calls for normal eggs.  Just replace a large hen egg with 3 … Read More

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