Crayfish Party

We have some live local crayfish available at £19/kg or £90 for 5kg – a perfect summer party food! Enjoy a delicious celebratory feast with a glorious Swedish crayfish party while at the same time eating one of the most ethical and ecologically tasty wild foods as you play your … Read More

Go the South Downs Way

At the last minute I was foolishly persuaded to hit the South Downs Way on Tuesday with some friends who had already cycled from Winchester to Amberley the day before.  I met up with them in the Sportsman Inn the night before in some trepidation, as I hadn’t exactly prepared … Read More

Little Green Courgette

The first courgettes are well and truly here – versatile, delicious and soon to turn into a glut.  If you have a garden or allotment with a couple of courgette plants, then you will need every recipe possible to keep fully enjoying them until the end of the season. Our … Read More

National Watercress Week

It’s National watercress week with the watercress festival in Alresford.  We get our watercress from the Hairspring beds in Hambrook which was founded in 1870 by George Hair and has been in the family ever since. Originally the beds were supplied with groundwater, but with droughts in the 1970s,  they … Read More

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