Holly Bell Ceramics

Sammy works in the farm shop on Sundays, and his sister makes the most beautiful ceramic bowls, jugs and mugs. Holly is inspired by the colours of the Sussex coastline, The range is designed to be comfortable in the hand, with soft round forms that fit in the palm. The … Read More

Venison En Croute Recipe

This is a delicious seasonal dish which uses the finest tasting venison loin and pairs it with wild mushrooms and prosciutto, wrapped in puff pastry. You can make individual portions which can be prepared the day before. Soak the chopped, dried wild mushrooms in hot water for 20 minutes. Season … Read More

Acorn-fed and Organic Pork

This week we have some lovely Goodwood Pork that comes from a Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot cross. The traditional, rare breed pigs have a thicker layer of fat which provides incredible flavour and succulence to the meat that results in a completely different taste to the mass produced supermarket … Read More

It’s Turkey Time!

This is the final week where we can guarentee you the size of turkey you want, and please do try and order your gammon, smoked salmon, foie gras, local veg and anything else we can help you with as soon as possible. The turkeys are from Walters Farm where they … Read More

Acorn-fed Pannage Pork

You may have noticed that this year there is a particularly heavy fall of acorns, and this is wonderful news for the acorn-fed pigs of the New Forest and for those who like outstanding pork with a rich, nutty tasty and outstanding texture. In Spain you pay serious money for … Read More

Woodland Pork

We have Stansted Saddleback pork available this weekend, reared half a mile from the farm shop. They have been in a pen under the trees, eating leftover vegetables from the farm shop, feed, bracken and bramble. These rare breed pigs do have a thicker layer of fat which is where … Read More

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