World Record Pumpkin Boat

My cousin Dmitri is planning to break the 100 meters record today – Rowing in a PUMPKIN. He is setting off from Trafalgar Wharf at 1pm today in a giant pumpkin that has been hollowed out. We will be there, offering Stansted Farm Shop Pumpkin soup and offering our wholehearted … Read More

Our new BUTCHERY is now open!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new butchery: Gavin is now ready to serve customers from Thursday to Saturday every week, with local meats from Stansted and neighbouring farms. For tomorrow and the weekend, we have Stansted Saddleback pork, Stansted venison, Southdowns lamb and some 33 day … Read More

Bespoke Foraging Course

We were contacted by Highbury College to see if we could arrange a foraging and cooking course for their Level 3 Professional Cookery Students. At short notice, I took 9 students and two teachers for a foraging walk along the hedgerows to the Stansted orchard and then back through the … Read More

Sloe Gin Course

This promises to be a lovely course – a saunter through the Stansted Woods while you chat about general foraging, then a quick gather of sloes round the sloe bushes. Weather permitting, we’ll have a picnic in the woods at a beautiful location before returning to the farm shop where … Read More

Deer Management at Stansted

THE DEER OF STANSTED FOREST Wild deer are beautiful and fascinating animals and of the five species found in the British countryside two, fallow and roe are resident in Stansted Forest and a third, muntjac is occasionally seen. Roe, along with red deer are native to Britain, fallow were introduced … Read More

Mushroom Weather

The summer sun seems to be a distant memory as gales and rain sweep across the sky, but I love the British seasons. I look forward to the autumn colours, but most of all the excited anticipation of wild mushrooms. The excitement stems from the fact that nothing is guarenteed … Read More

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