Sparkling Tea & Wild Botanical Drinks

We have some delicious new non-alcoholic drinks in this week, including Sparkling Tea and some outstanding wild botanical drinks that we have enjoyed tasting and can highly recommend. Real’s Sparkling Tea, Royal Flush, is made using first flush Darjeeling, the Queen of Tea, fermented to produce a non-alcoholic Sparkling which … Read More

Roe Deer Venison

This week we have a small quantity of wild roe deer – this venison is prized for excellent eating qualities and is currently in season.  We don’t normally sell venison in August as the heat usually means people don’t feel like eating red meat, but the delightful weather this year … Read More

Hanger Steak

Lee has some Hanger Steaks (otherwise known as Onglet de Boeuf) available this week – this is the traditional cut for steak frites in French Bistros as it has great flavour.  You do need to cook it rare or medium rare and cut across the grain if you are grilling … Read More

Baron Bigod’s 10th Birthday

Baron Bigod are celebrating their 10th Birthday by giving you the chance to win lots of lovely Cheesy prizes.  To enter, you can buy one of their small bries this Saturday from the Farm Shop, as the details are on the back of the cheese box. It’s a big milestone … Read More

Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips

We have some superb new authentic Tortilla Chips from Blanco Niño now in stock, which act as a perfect vehicle for some great dips, salsa and Mexican dishes, loaded with Isle of Wight tomatoes and other goodies. These Tortilla Chips are made and taste as originally intended. These are among the … Read More

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