Farm Shop Now Open

The Stansted Park Farm Shop is up and running, with a very busy and successful first month behind us. The feedback has been great, and the support has been enormous – so thank you to everyone who has popped in, and for those who haven’t, we look forward to meeting … Read More

New Farm Shop

Exciting news! We’re planning to open a new farm shop at Stansted Park, near the Garden Centre and wonderful Pavilion Tearooms. It will be in an old stable block that used to be the premises for Le Salon Du Chocolat before they moved to Chichester. We’re hoping to be in … Read More

The joy of ceps

The king of wild mushrooms are the ceps (in French), porcini (in Italian) or Penny Bun (good old blighty). They can be found in the UK as early as July until the first frost and are one of the tastiest and satisfying of all foraged foods. They normally start popping … Read More

Four Fish – A book review

I’ve just finished reading Four Fish – A journey from the ocean to your plate by Paul Greenberg and would recommend it to anyone interested in the future of our fisheries. It’s amusing, brilliantly written and clearly gets the point across without lecturing the reader or getting you depressed. It’s … Read More

Horse mushroom pizza

A lovely ring of horse mushrooms have appeared on my parents lawn, they are similar to field mushrooms, but grow much larger. They often appear in grass fields and are definitely worth eating. They can be confused with the poisonous yellow staining mushroom, the difference being that the stem of … Read More

Loch Ryan Oysters, tasty, sustainable and wild

Native oysters are now back in season (September to April) and it’s worth dredging up a bit more information. We source our Natives from Rossmore oysters who manage the oyster fishery in Loch Ryan on the East Coast of Scotland. This is Scotland’s only wild fishery, having remained in the … Read More

Rye Bay Scallops

A good friend called up this weekend and invited himself and his girlfriend for tea. I asked where they were coming from – and he replied ‘Rye’. I asked if he had had any scallops, he hadn’t. When they turned up at the door, he was holding a large bag … Read More

Acorn-fed New Forest Pork

If you happen to pass an oak tree in the next week or two, take a moment to look at the acorn crop – it should be pretty impressive. Our oak trees are festooned with beautiful green acorns and a heavy crop is guaranteed this year. Why does this make … Read More

Wild Mushroom Forage

We’ve just returned from visiting my wife’s family in the US, and on our first day back – rather jetlagged, we went for a walk in the woods. At this time of year, there is a sense of anticipation: when are the mushrooms going to appear? In particular we are … Read More

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