Best. Barbecue. Ever.

The Big Green Egg is the ultimate Charcoal Oven & BBQ– capable of cooking anything over charcoal that your conventional kitchen oven can do. By simply controlling the air flow in and out, you can slow cook your pork shoulder for 12 hours, or increase the heat and blast out a crispy based pizza in 90 seconds. You can do every type of cooking in between, and your food gets a delicious, charcoal flavour and incredible succulence that cannot be beaten.

We have three different sizes of egg on display at the shop, along with accessories, charcoal and firelighters.  We regularly cook on a large Big Green Egg and you are welcome to come along and see it in action and chat with one of the team about how to get the best from it. We run BBQ courses using the egg, and have frequent demonstrations.

Come and say hello or get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a Big Green Egg BBQ and find out what all the fuss is about.