Seasonal Deli Delights – Chicken & Asparagus Pie

In the interests of quality control and maintaining standards, I thought I would try one of Vicky’s Chicken and Asparagus Pies for lunch today.  It was full of succulent chicken, fresh Rogate asparagus and a rich, creamy sauce. No filler, no random bits of swede or unidentifiable vegetable matter, just … Read More

Sausage & Bean Casserole

I love one-pot wonders as it keeps the washing up under control while creating a dish that oozes with flavours. I recommend sausages AND chorizo because it gives you an extra level of texture, and it’s worth cooking the chorizo in small chunks until it’s a little bit crispy on … Read More

Free-Range Pork

It’s always risky to post pictures of lambs, pigs, and cows alongside recipes and images of butchered pork and beef cuts, as most of us have become removed from the realities of where our food comes from and the processes necessary to put food on our plates.  I’m always concerned … Read More

Singing the Blues

It’s time to sing the praises of our blue cheeses, with an incredible selection of local, national and European blues on offer this weekend.  Our locals include the mighty, award-winning Isle of Wight Blue, but is joined by another local newcomer, Blue Clouds from Balcombe in West Sussex, a rich, … Read More

A Salt on the Senses: Dorset Sea Salt

We have a lovely new range of flavoured Dorset Sea Salts that are ideal for cocktails, marinating meat, cooking and finishing. There’s a whole world of science around salt, with its primary use in cooking as a seasoning to enhance flavour. It’s an essential mineral component of a healthy diet, … Read More

Get Pickled

We have a new Pickle supplier to join our regular pickles: the Crooked Pickle Company make fantastic pickles from the freshest vegetables and fruit and with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives. It’s a lovely range that includes award-winning Bread & Butter pickles that could easily be served with every … Read More

The Ultimate Easter Egg – The Big Green Egg

If you are thinking about the ultimate BBQ and outdoor cooking, then look no further than the Big Green Egg.  You can cook absolutely anything on it with precise control over your cooking temperature, so it acts just like an oven.  The difference is in the flavour, as cooking over … Read More

Easter Wine from L’Assemblage

We’ve teamed up with Guy Willings from L’Assemblage Ltd, to get you some very special wine to go with your Easter lamb this year.  Please let me know if you would like to pre-order as there will be limited stock in the shop? Chateau Canon-Chaigneau Situated in 21 hectares around … Read More

Padron Peppers & Tapas

We have fresh Padron Peppers from the Isle of Wight alongside their lovely tomatoes.  This time of year is known as the hungry gap in the UK, as winter crops finish, while the summer season is still far away, so any local greenery needs to be cherished and enjoyed. Padron … Read More

Easter Treats

Alongside a glorious range of Easter Eggs, truffles and chocolate bars, we also have some more unusual Easter Treats, such as Sussex Simnel Cake and a beautiful  Italian Easter cake is called Colomba (which means dove in English). Colomba is very similar to panettone, made using real butter, eggs, milk, … Read More

Delicious Deli Delights

We are improving our deli counter, as we are joined by our new deli chef, Vicky, who will be building on our home-cooked range of pies, quiche, sausage rolls and other goodies.  We have a new deli fridge and have some fabulous new products as well as bringing back some … Read More

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