Local Cherry Season

The English Cherry Season has started again, and we will get our first delivery of Godshill Orchard Cherries on Friday morning direct off the Isle of Wight Ferry.  Simeon and his father grow a variety of cherries to help extend the season, with the first up being Merton Glory, a … Read More

Dirty-Grilled Ribeye Steak

This is cooking at its most basic and best – dirty grilling is when you cook directly on the coals. We do this on our BBQ Course with a good steak, but it works equally well for vegetables such as onions and beetroot, and even apples. If you use a … Read More

Short Rib Burgers

I absolutely love the meat from Short Ribs, with the perfect combination of the most flavourful beef, fat and texture.  Short Ribs can be slow-cooked on the bone with a punchy rub, until the meat is juicy, succulent and tender.  They make a dramatic burger when you place a rib … Read More

Pasta Con Le Sarde

This is one of my favourite pasta dishes, and is a regular mid-week wonder at home, although I have to confess that I don’t often cook it as my wife Emily knocks it up in no time.  Food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it yourself, (more … Read More

Cornish Gouda with Cumin

We have been stocking Cornish Gouda for over a year, but a few of our customers have been asking if they can get hold of the Gouda with Cumin that they occasionally produce, so Tom has delivered. Made by a Dutch family, the Spierings, on their dairy farm in Cornwall, … Read More

Baron Bigod Brie

Baron Bigod Brie is such a great cheese – with the awards to prove it.  They always come in perfect condition, meltingly soft to cut, and a smooth, silky golden texture, with a nutty, mushroom rind, the taste and texture are testament to the fantastic production methods. The Baron Bigod … Read More

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