Taking the Brisket

Brisket is a superb value cut of beef that needs to be cooked low and slow until it is melt-in-the-mouth tender.  There are two styles of cooking that I like with Brisket, with BBQ being my favourite and pot roast being the classic Englsih version. BBQ If you have a … Read More

Christmas Hamper Competition

We have run a hamper competition in the Chichester Observer this week, and we’d love to give you the chance to enter.  Simply email info@stanstedfarmshop.com with the heading ‘Christmas Hamper’ by 10th December 2021, for a chance to win our hamper that contains the following Hampshire and Sussex produce: Ashling … Read More

The Christmas Blues – Stilton & more…

There’s a great lineup of Christmas blues, starting with our Stiltons: Cropwell Bishop and Colston Bassett with the similarly made, creamier and orange Shropshire Blue, also made by Colston Bassett.  We have several local blues, including the great Isle of Wight Blue, Barkham Blue (Hampshire/Berkshre border), Blue Clouds (Balcombe) Pevensey … Read More

Sweet with Meat

Autumn fruits combined with slow-cooked meat is a tried and tested pairing that can be found across the world. Some obvious examples are lamb with redcurrant jelly, pork and apple sauce, bacon and maple syrup. If you head to the middle east, tagines and curries often have dried apricots, quince, … Read More

Award-Winning Turkeys

We have been getting Walters Turkeys every Christmas for 8 years and we know how good they are.  However, it’s good to know that they are being recognised as such, winning 2 Gold Stars in the 2021 Great Taste Awards which is a serious achievement.  The judges commented that Walters … Read More

Quince & Ginger Upside Down Cake

This cake combines the fragrant quince flavour with spongy ginger cake and the optional toffee. Ingredients: 4 medium ripe quinces (1kg) 1 lemon – sliced 1 orange sliced Sugar Toffee unsalted butter – 60g caster sugar – 90g reserved quince syrup – 60ml cardamom seeds – 1 teaspoon Cake Batter: … Read More

Chard & Comté Tart (or pizza)

If you grow chard in the garden, it’s suddenly got to that stage when you need some chard inspiration, as it appears to be shooting up everywhere.  It’s such a spectacular-looking leaf, so you can enjoy it’s beauty as much as it’s taste.  This recipe combines the earthy flavours and … Read More

King Richard III Wensleydale Cheese

Most Wensleydale is mass-produced, but we’ve sourced a lovely cloth-bound Wensleydale called King Richard III and made by  Andy Ridley from Fortmayne Dairy is one of the few artisan Wensleydale cheesemakers left. This cheese is zesty, fresh and slightly crumbly, similar to farmhouse cheeses that would have been made for … Read More

Figs in Gin

Fruit and booze are inextricably linked, with the surplus of one leading to the production of the other, as sugar-laden fruit drops from the tree and rots into alcohol. No doubt this is how early man first learnt to party!  Now we have civilized ourselves by one step, taking the … Read More

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