Goat & Orange Recipes – 2 inspirational options

We have goat in the butchery and Seville oranges in season, and we’ve come up with two completely different recipes on the goat and orange theme. Honey Glazed Goat Leg with Rosemary and Orange Ingredients: 1 goat leg (or smaller joint on the bone) 2 oranges 4 tablespoons of honey … Read More

Bumblezest Health Shots and Cans

These drinks and shots are designed to keep you healthy and happy, using the finest ingredients, crafted together for a specific purpose. The different drinks are perfect if you need to unwind, before a meeting, if you need to focus, before a workout, after a workout, after a heavy night … Read More

Mushroom Risotto

Risotto is one of those deeply satisfying, homely dishes that is particularly good with mushrooms. It’s also perfect for Veganuary when the veg options are limited! We have many pre-flavoured risottos to make life easy, with this luxurious truffle risotto being particularly special, but you can use butternut squash, chorizo … Read More

Seville Orange Gin

While you may be having a dry January, there is nothing to stop you from preparing some alcohol-infused drinks to be enjoyed at a later date, and Seville Orange Gin gets better with age, while using the seasonal glut of Seville Oranges to create a delicious flavoured gin. It’s a … Read More

Best New Apprentice Award

A massive congratulations to Sarah, our butchery apprentice, who has been awarded Best New Apprentice at the annual Institute of Meat Awards.  Sarah’s award will be presented to her by her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal at the Butcher’s Hall in London on the 24th February. As many of you … Read More

Watercress Salsa Verde

Watercress if local, vibrant green, delicious and healthy for you.  It’s one of the few leaves that are in season at the moment, so should be enjoyed on it’s own, in salads, soups and sauces.  While it does seem to be more of a spring/summer sauce, salsa verde provides such … Read More

Ribeye Perfection

For me, the ribeye steak is the best steak you can get.  The ribeye offers the best combination of texture and flavour, with the marbled fat melting into the meat to provide unrivaled quality on the plate.  It’s known as the ribeye because of the ‘eye’ of fat in the … Read More

Burns Night Cheese

Burns Night is a chance to gather friends for a good supper and celebrate Robert Burns. We will be stocking haggis and a fine selection of Scottish Cheese.  Please make sure to pre-order cheese or haggis to make sure we have enough available. BLACK CROWDIE Dense, dry curd cheese rolled in … Read More

Tomato Tempter Recipes

It’s the middle of winter, cold, damp and you need warming, healthy dishes to keep you cheerful.  Luckily, the Isle of Wight Tomatoes are still packing superb flavour, wonderful colour, and lots of healthy vitamins (a single tomato can provide 40% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C).  With … Read More

Taking the Brisket

Brisket is a superb value cut of beef that needs to be cooked low and slow until it is melt-in-the-mouth tender.  There are two styles of cooking that I like with Brisket, with BBQ being my favourite and pot roast being the classic Englsih version. BBQ If you have a … Read More

Christmas Hamper Competition

We have run a hamper competition in the Chichester Observer this week, and we’d love to give you the chance to enter.  Simply email info@stanstedfarmshop.com with the heading ‘Christmas Hamper’ by 10th December 2021, for a chance to win our hamper that contains the following Hampshire and Sussex produce: Ashling … Read More

The Christmas Blues – Stilton & more…

There’s a great lineup of Christmas blues, starting with our Stiltons: Cropwell Bishop and Colston Bassett with the similarly made, creamier and orange Shropshire Blue, also made by Colston Bassett.  We have several local blues, including the great Isle of Wight Blue, Barkham Blue (Hampshire/Berkshre border), Blue Clouds (Balcombe) Pevensey … Read More

Sweet with Meat

Autumn fruits combined with slow-cooked meat is a tried and tested pairing that can be found across the world. Some obvious examples are lamb with redcurrant jelly, pork and apple sauce, bacon and maple syrup. If you head to the middle east, tagines and curries often have dried apricots, quince, … Read More

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