National Watercress Week

It’s National watercress week with the watercress festival in Alresford.  We get our watercress from the Hairspring beds in Hambrook which was founded in 1870 by George Hair and has been in the family ever since. Originally the beds were supplied with groundwater, but with droughts in the 1970s,  they … Read More

Dressed to Impress – Sussex Crab

Our dressed crab arrive every Friday, having been cooked and hand-picked that same morning by Rick on Hayling Island.  He in turn gets the crab directly off Tony who fishes a number of pots from his boat off Hayling.  The crab is landed and dressed less than 10 miles from … Read More

Bank Holiday Banger Bargain

This weekend only we are offering every 6 pack of sausages for £3. Our mighty sausages are all handmade by Gavin at Stansted with natural casings and are gluten free. The pork sausages are all from Goodwood Organic saddleback pigs and come in three varieties Plain pork Stansted Sausage (with … Read More

Stansted Scotch Eggs, Sausage Rolls and Salsa Verde.

Gavin is now making a great range of tasty ready to eat products, including scotch eggs and sausage rolls made from Goodwood organic pork.  The Scotch eggs are made with our organic Rookery farm eggs and make an ideal addition to your picnic (along with some Cornish charcuterie, award-winning cheese … Read More

Roe Deer Season and wood pigeon

Fallow deer are now out of season, but luckily Stansted has a healthy population of roe deer that we can turn to.  They are smaller and more elusive, with the bucks currently establishing their territories.  You might well hear their bark that they issue when alarmed, before seeing their white … Read More

Asparagus Season has arrived!

There is no better indicator that winter is behind us and that we have a long and glorious season of fresh South Downs produce ahead, than the arrival of asparagus.  It signals the end of the hungry gap and what a special treat it is too.  Our asparagus is locally … Read More

Trigging in Cornwall: Seaside Foraging in Spring

I managed to escape the Farm Shop this Easter holidays with the family and spent some beautiful sunny spring days on the coast in Cornwall.  We were to chance upon a very strange sight, 100’s of Cornish locals trigging furiously on Good Friday.  Trigging is otherwise known as raking for … Read More

Wood Fired Inspired Menu

Our wood fired pizza oven is finally making an appearance after its winter hibernation and Gavin is keen to demonstrate his chef skills with the sort of technique, sophistication and and flourish rarely seen this side of Florence. Open Friday and Saturday from 12.30pm – 2.30pm – please book on … Read More

Thank you, but why support fisherman Pete?

A huge thank you for all the people who turned up on Saturday to join us for the Farm Shop’s 2nd birthday party.  It was a great turnout, with over 250 people enjoying Gavin’s excellent homemade gnocchi, venison burgers, lamb koftas and salads, while the pizza oven was blazing away … Read More

Farm Shop Birthday Party

On March 15th we will be celebrating our 2nd Birthday party in the Maze Courtyard from 12pm with free food and tastings.  Our pizza ovens will be fired up, the BBQ will be roaring and Gavin will have a selection of his fantastic salads.  Bring foodie friends and colleagues for … Read More

Support your local fisherman

We buy a lot of our fish from Pete Williams who lands his fish off the boat Sarah C at Emsworth.  Over the last couple of months Pete has been struggling to get to sea due to the horrific series of storms that have battered the South coast. As a … Read More

Holly Bell Ceramics

Sammy works in the farm shop on Sundays, and his sister makes the most beautiful ceramic bowls, jugs and mugs. Holly is inspired by the colours of the Sussex coastline, The range is designed to be comfortable in the hand, with soft round forms that fit in the palm. The … Read More

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