Apple pressing for juice and cider

Our apple press and scratter have arrived and are ready to make use of all those lovely apples that you have been wondering what to do with. We are hiring them both out for the day. Apple pressing is a hugely enjoyable activity that’s best done with friends and family. … Read More

Mushroom Weather

The summer sun seems to be a distant memory as gales and rain sweep across the sky, but I love the British seasons. I look forward to the autumn colours, but most of all the excited anticipation of wild mushrooms. The excitement stems from the fact that nothing is guarenteed … Read More

Game On

As summer draws to a close, do not despair – there is some seriously good eating to be done instead of lazing around nibbling on salad. Yes, the game season has arrived in style and we have plenty of Stansted Venison (both roe and fallow are in season) and local … Read More

Local, sustainable and organic BEER

A cold glass of beer at the end of a hot summer’s day can give untold pleasure, especially when it tastes fantastic and is brewed in Sussex with local ingredients. The Hepworth Brewery in Horsham has a cracking selection of delicious beers made with local ingredients. While I prefer the … Read More

The Brocolli Barter, crop swap & corn exchange

It is an unusual sight, but at this time of year it is possible to see some of our customers turning up to the farm shop laden with rhubarb, and leaving with a couple of line-caught mackerel, with no money changing hands. We are open to bartering at the shop, … Read More

Hedgerow Hunting

Some delicious hedgerow jelly and jam arrived this week, courtesy of the Hedgerow Apothecary, alongside marmalade and lovely raspberry vinegar. Christine gathers from many local hedgerows to make her pots of delight – she is based in West Ashling and is planning on running courses for the Stansted Farm Shop … Read More

Roe Deer in season

Roe bucks are currently the only deer in season at the moment which means that we have limited supplies of venison in the shop. While there are plenty of roe deer on the Stansted Estate, the foresters avoid shooting the larger bucks as they have established territories. Considering that the … Read More

Veg out this summer

The sunshine is bringing out the best in British fruit and veg, and we have a great array of scrummy local produce to choose from. Courgettes, broadbeans, tomatoes and aubergines are all in full flow, and because of the cold spring, the delayed asparagus is still going, although it is … Read More

Wood fired pizza, sun fired farm shop.

With the cracking weather coming this weekend, the pizza will be up and running on Friday to Sunday, midday to 2.30pm. If you mention this post over the weekend, you get a free can of drink with your pizza. Our special this weekend is asparagus and pancetta, although we will … Read More

Ice Cream Weather

The clouds are parting and the sunshine is pouring through while I write this, as forecasters assure us that we are in for a sustained period of summer weather. Yes, it’s officially Ice Cream Weather. Caroline’s Dairy makes fantastic tasting ice cream from the dairy cows on their farm in … Read More

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