National Butchers Week

It’s National Butchers Week this week, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to take our hats off to our two master butchers: Lee and Ray. Between them they have over 75 years of butchery experience, having developed their skills at independent and supermarket butchery counters before coming to Stansted … Read More

Crème de la crème of Continental Cheeses

We have a new cheese supplier who is providing the crème de la crème of Continental cheeses – hand-selected from farms and cheesemakers in France, Italy, Ireland and others.  They join our counter of Legendary Locals and Best of British to give you a superb selection of outstanding cheeses. Simeon … Read More


TOATS MYLK is produced on Rushmere Farm using oats grown on the farm. In two years they will have completed their conversion to organic farming, but until then they maintain that ecological biodiversity is not only critical to sustaining our existence on this planet, but central to productivity. Where possible … Read More

Real Bread Week

It’s Real Bread Week and we are showcasing some of our superb artisan bread makers.  It’s also a perfect excuse to make your own bread, which can be very simple to do – starting with this no-knead bread from Ballymaloe which is delicious, to creating your own sourdough starter, and … Read More

Great Game

We have a great selection of game this week, all of it wild.  We have rabbit that has been ferreted in Chidham, wood pigeon shot off the rapeseed in Stoughton, fallow deer from Uppark and Hampshire muntjac and mallard. Game is lean, healthy, and sustainable – in fact with restaurants … Read More

Valentine’s Steak it or Leave it

With restaurants closed or fully booked up for takeaway it’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day meal and you just might have to venture into the kitchen. Start with the best ingredients, keep it simple and you’ve won half the battle. In the butchery, we have the full steak … Read More

Infinity Organic Foods

We have a new range of organic, cupboard essential wholefoods from Infinity Foods in stock.  They are excellent value, high quality, and being organic, you have the following reasons to buy Infinity products: Organic production contributes to a high level of biodiversity and the preservation of species and natural habitats. … Read More

Burns Night Cheese: Caboc & Blue Murder

Celebrate Burns Night with some wonderful Scottish Cheese, to be enjoyed with a wee dram and a lengthy recital of Robert Burns. Caboc: Said to be Scotland’s ‘oldest cheese, Caboc is a rich double cream cheese, which is allowed to age naturally without the addition of rennet. The cheese is … Read More

Buddha Bowl

If you want to really enjoy a full veggie meal that fills you up and gives you a full range of tastes, textures, and nutrients with each bite, then the Buddha Bowl is the way to go. This is a great way to use different vegetables from a veg box, … Read More

Herdwick Mutton

We had the opportunity to get some Herdwick Mutton in this week.  Herdwick sheep have grazed around Borrowdale in the Lake District for over 1000 years, and are uniquely acclimatised to the Cumbrian Fells.  The meat has been hung for two weeks and provides a gamey, full flavour that reflects … Read More

Organic Fruit & Veg Box

Our organic fruit and veg boxes are grown and put together by Wayside Organics in Oving, near Chichester.  The quality of every item is fantastic, with a great variety to keep you going through the week. The box changes fairly regularly, but you always get what’s best and in season. This … Read More

This week’s New Cheeses

Our cheese counter is filling up we approach peak Christmas Cheese and start getting in a frenzy, so we’ve added a few really interesting British cheeses to interest you this week. Rollright A mellow, buttery, ‘washed-rind’ cheese that expresses the rich and diverse clover pasture of Chedworth’s Manor Farm. It … Read More

Going local this Christmas.

This Christmas will not be business as usual for so many people.  With anxiety about Covid-19, jobs and livelihoods, and whether we can even spend time with friends and family this Christmas, we need to be more considerate and check in with those people who need support. There are simple … Read More

Blackmoor Apples & Pears

I whizzed down the A3 to Liss to visit the Blackmoor orchards where they grow an impressive quantity of apples and pears, and where you can buy apples from an honesty box, or high-quality fruit trees and other goodies from their nursery online. Their apples are stored in enormous, barn-sized … Read More

Local Dayboat Fish

We have worked with Chantelle and Pete from Fresh From the Boat since we first started, many years ago.  Pete catches the fish, Chantelle sells the fish.  They now have a huge number of customers, a wonderful new unit in Emsworth Yacht Harbour, and have loads of local dayboats supplying … Read More

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