Our new Chef and Menu

We’re excited to introduce you to Adam Hadwen, our new chef who has started working with us this week.  We know Adam from the Earl of March where he was head chef for 6 years.  He was buying venison from the Farm Shop for his menu and has been foraging … Read More

Gospel Green Cyder

We are very excited to be stocking Gospel Green Cyder again after a break of two years. This is a superb ‘traditional method’ cyder using only the finest apples hand selected from the Blackmoor Estate. They use the champagne method, where Sussex apples are fermented for 4 months in vats, … Read More

The Ultimate Sausage Rolls

We have developed some incredible sausage rolls, with my favourite being BBQ Pork that uses Scott’s free range, Sussex pork shoulder, cooked over charcoal for 18 hours, before being pulled, combined with a BBQ sauce and combined with onion and coriander and folded into homemade pastry. This is then topped … Read More

We are shortlisted for the 2019 Countryside Awards

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the 2019 Countryside Awards in the Rural Enterprise Award and the Hampshire Choice Award (which has a public vote with a £500 prize! vote here……) Rural Enterprise This category benefits from the support of Hampshire Fare, and is awarded to a business or council … Read More

Rocket, Honeycomb, Goat’s Cheese & Walnut Salad

We have some Stansted Estate honeycomb available this weekend.  Collected by John the Bee Man, the bees have had a fantastic year across the wildflower meadows of Stansted, producing some truly excellent honey. This is a delicious salad that combines salty and sweet with the peppery rocket.  You can use … Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has long been regarded as a beneficial tonic, with the ancient Greeks using a combination of water, vinegar and honey to make the ‘medicine’ Oxycrat.  Willy’s ACV with ‘The Mother’ contains friendly, probiotic bacteria; acetobacter and lactobacillus and with a ph of 5, can help support an … Read More

5 Star Rating with the Food Standards Agency

A huge pat on the back to Sam, Lee (Butchery), Gavin (Kitchen) and the team for ensuring that we maintain our 5 star rating with the Food Standards Agency following a full inspection today.  While this should be a given, it is one of the parts of our business that … Read More

The Future of Food

This is a pretty broad topic, so I’ll start narrowing it down immediately.  We’re at a crossroads with farming and Brexit, with our politicians on the verge of deciding the future of our countryside, farming and food production. We have all read the headlines about free trade with America and … Read More

Lamb Kofta Recipe

We have been getting ready for a weekend of catering parties and Lee has been mass producing our lamb koftas.  These will be available to buy in the butchery using local lamb, but if you would like to make them yourself, the recipe is very simple and the results are … Read More

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