Award-Winning Turkeys

We have been getting Walters Turkeys every Christmas for 8 years and we know how good they are.  However, it’s good to know that they are being recognised as such, winning 2 Gold Stars in the 2021 Great Taste Awards which is a serious achievement.  The judges commented that Walters … Read More

Quince & Ginger Upside Down Cake

This cake combines the fragrant quince flavour with spongy ginger cake and the optional toffee. Ingredients: 4 medium ripe quinces (1kg) 1 lemon – sliced 1 orange sliced Sugar Toffee unsalted butter – 60g caster sugar – 90g reserved quince syrup – 60ml cardamom seeds – 1 teaspoon Cake Batter: … Read More

Chard & Comté Tart (or pizza)

If you grow chard in the garden, it’s suddenly got to that stage when you need some chard inspiration, as it appears to be shooting up everywhere.  It’s such a spectacular-looking leaf, so you can enjoy it’s beauty as much as it’s taste.  This recipe combines the earthy flavours and … Read More

King Richard III Wensleydale Cheese

Most Wensleydale is mass-produced, but we’ve sourced a lovely cloth-bound Wensleydale called King Richard III and made by  Andy Ridley from Fortmayne Dairy is one of the few artisan Wensleydale cheesemakers left. This cheese is zesty, fresh and slightly crumbly, similar to farmhouse cheeses that would have been made for … Read More

Figs in Gin

Fruit and booze are inextricably linked, with the surplus of one leading to the production of the other, as sugar-laden fruit drops from the tree and rots into alcohol. No doubt this is how early man first learnt to party!  Now we have civilized ourselves by one step, taking the … Read More

The New Farm Shop is 4 Years Old today

We’ve been in the new farm shop for 4 years now… hard to believe, and with our fair share of ups and downs, but overall, we are still supporting many of our great local producers and have you to thank for being wonderful customers and supporters. A huge thank you … Read More

Corn on the Cob

There is something so satisfying about grasping a fresh, warm, buttery corn on the cob in both hands and taking a bite. The kernels pop in your mouth as butter runs down your chin; it’s a late-summer treat that is messy, sweet, and glorious, and at 65p each, should be … Read More

Gincoming! Southsea Spirit’s Tropical Gin

We’re very excited to be stocking Corner 53’s latest concoction – Southsea Spirit Tropical Gin. Bursting with flavours of juniper, fresh orange, caramelised pineapple and a touch of coconut – Corner 53 have created a gin that captures the vibrant and energetic culture of their seaside home. Produced by award-winning … Read More

Wet Fish Wednesdays

Starting next Wednesday, 4th August, Fresh from the Boat will be back with a mobile fish stand at Stansted Farm Shop.  We’ve worked with Chantelle and Pete from Fresh from the Boat since we first started the farm shop, so we’re thrilled to have them back. If you want a … Read More

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