Wild Mushroom Forage

We’ve just returned from visiting my wife’s family in the US, and on our first day back – rather jetlagged, we went for a walk in the woods. At this time of year, there is a sense of anticipation: when are the mushrooms going to appear? In particular we are … Read More

Crayfish hunting in the USA

This isn’t exactly local food, but wherever you go, especially on holiday, it’s always fun to forage or catch something edible, especially as the efforts involved are often as much fun as the eating. With two small children in tow, it’s difficult to do the hunter gatherer thing particularly effectively, … Read More

Welcome to the Foodsplace blog

Join the conversation on the behind-the-scenes view of our produce and producers, read about foraging forays and try out or contribute a favourite recipe with the new Foodsplace blog. I wanted to have a blog in order to give a bit more information about our produce so that you know … Read More

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