The Stansted Tree Fund Project

Stansted Park have launched a Tree Fund Project where you can help fund the planting of a new tree.  Please see details below, and if you enjoy walking through the incredible Stansted Woodland, then this would be a lovely cause to support… A CALL FOR HELP With winter approaching the … Read More

Healthy and Wild – Venison & Grouse

The game season has started again, and if you care about your health, it’s great to include wild game as part of your diet.  The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the critical importance of diet to your overall health, and game is the healthiest meat you can get. Fallow deer need … Read More

Tudor Gin

We’d like to introduce a brand new gin from Portsmouth Distillery: Tudor Gin uses the same botanicals that were found on the Mary Rose, including hazelnut, hemp seed, dandelion and cherry.  It is a London Dry (read here to find out what that entails) with the mildly bitter, toasty hazelnut flavour … Read More

Fried Courgette Pasta Recipe

This has to be one of my favourite dishes, that turns the humble courgette into a delicacy worthy of the finest tables, despite the simple ingredients.  You need small, fresh courgettes, either from the shop, or freshly picked.  You also need to prepare the courgettes half an hour before cooking … Read More

Paella Pack & Recipe

We have put together a simple paella pack so that you can get cooking and enjoy all the Spanish flavours at home without having to worry about putting yourself into quarantine for two weeks. The most important ingredient is the paella rice that we get from Brindisa.  After that, you … Read More

Wood-fired Inspired BBQ

With another week of sunshine ahead of us, it’s time to get wood-fired inspired and try out some new dishes on the BBQ. We start with duck burgers from Creedy Carver.  These burgers are made with 90% duck, the only other addition being fresh spring onions, 5 spice, and seasoning.  … Read More

Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon

Nothing beats a couple of rashers of top quality bacon to improve your meal, the flavour compounds are truly irresistible, with that unique combination of sweet, smoke, meat and nutty crunch, starting with the smell and finishing with a satisfying mouthful. It’s known as a Gateway to Meat for wavering … Read More

The Stansted Honey Bees

Last week we had a swarm of honey bees near the car park, and called up the Stansted beekeeper, John Geden to come and rescue them. A swarm forms when a bee colony grows too large for the hive.  The existing queen bee moves out, taking half the colony with … Read More

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