Our two butchers, Lee and Ray, have 85 years experience between them, and can prepare any cut you want. We specialize in local meat and game, using whole carcass butchery so that you can trace your meat back to the farm where it was reared. As a result, we offer every cut available, from T-bone steaks to lamb cushions, calves liver to venison saddle. All our meat comes from small farms that practise the highest welfare standards, are free range and grass fed.

Our venison comes from Stansted Park or Uppark estates and is completely wild. The majority of our venison is fallow deer, although we do get roe deer and muntjac when the fallow is out of season. The deer population is historically at it’s highest ever, and numbers need to be reduced for the health of our woodlands. Venison is delicious, healthy and completely sustainable.

We stock game in season including pheasant, partridge, wood pigeon and rabbit. Game is healthy, lean and tasty, and we should all be eating more of it. There are countless fantastic recipes to enjoy and you can use game instead of chicken or other meat.

Our beef is grass fed, Hampshire beef from traditional heritage breeds such as Hereford and Aberdeen Angus. We dry age our beef which ensures a greater depth of flavour and tenderness, and we supply every cut from brisket to fillet steak, oxtail to flank steak.

Lamb is from Midhurst, grass fed on the South Downs, producing superb flavour “that reminds me of the lamb I used to have as a child” to quote several of our customers. We also get the occasional hogget and mutton during the winter, for fuller flavour ideal for slow cooking.

Pork is from Scott’s Farm in Storrington – completely free range, South Downs pork. The breed is mostly Durroc which provides incredible flavour and a moist, succulent pork that we love. In the autumn we also source acorn fed pannage pork from the New Forest, and we get the occasional wild boar.

Our Gammon and Bacon comes from Wiltshire where they use old fashioned, traditional methods of curing to produce incredible tasting bacon and gammon. They cure their home grown pork for 3 weeks. There is no water injected into the meat, and they smoke their pork themselves. There is no finer bacon or gammon in the UK.

We source our chicken and duck from Creedy Carver in Devon, whose small 82 acre farm specialize in nothing but free range chicken and duck. They come with giblets, flavour and texture and are outstanding.

Christmas Meat – We have turkeys, geese, cockerels and all the finest meats available for Christmas, sourced from individual farms that excel in animal welfare, traditional breeds and free range to ensure the finest tasting meats for your seasonal festivities.

Our butchers offer full butchery classes and demonstrations, check out our events page for more details.