Black Bomber Cheese

The Black Bomber Cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company is consistently our most popular cheese.  This is a mature cheddar that has a depth of flavour that combines with a rich, smooth texture, which proves to be completely addictive. The Black Bomber Cheese has won numerous awards at The Great British Cheese … Read More

New Autumn Cheeses

We have had a couple of new cheeses in over the last week or so which are definitely worth trying. First up is Oxford Isis which was first created in 2003 by the Oxford Cheese company and is rind washed in Oxfordshire Honey Mead while it matures for a month … Read More

Perl Wen Cheese

Perl Wen Cheese. As the summer holidays draw to a close, the evenings shorten and cool and fruit starts to ripen on the tree, I start thinking about cheese.  It’s the sort of weather for a decent ploughman’s at lunch, a hunk of mature cheddar to accompany a blackberry and … Read More

Native Oyster Season

The 1st of September sees the start of the Native Oyster season.  While you can get rock oysters all year round, it is the native oysters that are most highly cherished.  As the name suggests, they are the native oyster of the British Isles – slower growing, with a smooth … Read More

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