Rare-Breed Pork Box

This week’s rare-breed pork box is £20 and contains the following cuts: 1 kg Roasting Joint 2 Packs of mixed sausages 2 pork chops 400g Belly slices Rare-breed pork differs from the commercial breeds that make up most of the pork in the UK.  It is not as fast growing, … Read More

Winter Fish

Surprisingly during the winter our local fishing is superb.  The only problem is that with all the gales, boats often can’t get out to catch the fish so we either have nothing or a glut.  Fortunately this week there is a glut which means excellent prices and top quality winter … Read More

Loch Duart Salmon

Loch Duart Salmon are the premium farmed salmon – which look and behave like wild salmon due to their low stocking densities and quality diet. Described as “the closest I have ever seen to wild salmon” by Rick Stein, a leading UK chef and food writer, in his television series … Read More

Indian Summer Curries

With this fantastic Indian summer we are having, we thought it would be appropriate to mention some of the delicious curry sauces we have in the farm shop that compliment our local meats.  They are simple to prepare, fantastically tasty and can spice up your evening. Green Saffron is a … Read More

Give Peas a Chance

We like to think that we have our fingers on the pulse of local food with a fantastic new range of British dried peas and beans from Hodmedod in the shop. From Black Badgers to fava beans, kabuki peas to split green peas, we have five different types, packaged beautifully … Read More

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