Suckling Pig

We will have some free range suckling pig available just before Christmas available for pre-order – ideal for a spectacular festive meal for about 6 people. If you like succulent pork and incredible crackling, then this is the way to do it. The pigs come from a small farm just … Read More

Award-Winning Sausages

It’s National Sausage Week along with Bonfire Night – so why not celebrate with some award-winning Sausages, handmade by Gavin using local rare-breed pork? We entered 3 different sausages into the Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition and two of them won Silver Awards – a fantastic result for first … Read More

Wild Rabbit

There has been a small cull of Stansted’s wild rabbits to ensure the population doesn’t get too large, so if you are interested in eating rabbit, let us know or pop into the shop. Wild rabbit is very lean, slightly gamey and extremely versatile.  The saddle can be pan fried, … Read More

Spatchcock Chicken

With BBQ season now in full swing, this is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to feed your family, especially if you often have a roast chicken.  You can spatchcock a chicken yourself, or ask Gavin to do it for you – and once done, it will cook evenly … Read More

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