Halloween Cheeseboard

Get a spooky Halloween Cheeseboard this half term, with the completely black Charcoal Cheddar and the pumpkin orange Harlech cheese.  There is something slightly unnatural about eating black food, whether it’s squid ink pasta or black pudding, but the novelty of seeing black food will give your guests a surprise, … Read More

Isle of Wight Blue Cheese

In our first week at the old farm shop, 5 years ago, a customer came to the shop after having bought an Isle of Wight Blue Cheese with a complaint. “I’m afraid this cheese is mouldy”. Luckily, Sam and I persevered and we have sold a serious amount of IOW … Read More

Stinking Bishop Cheese

Stinking Bishop is a truly indulgent cheese – soft, creamy and truly delicious, but with a distinctly pongy aroma. Stinking Bishop is a full fat pasteurised cows’ milk soft cheese made with vegetarian rennet. The rind is washed in perry which gives it its characteristic flavour, brown/pink rind and pungent … Read More

Sussex Cheese Board from £6.75

Ruth is putting together mini cheese boards which are ideal if you want a small selection of different cheeses to taste.  An example is our Sussex Cheese Collection – with four different Sussex Cheeses for only £6.75. The cheeses range from the fine cheddar Sussex Charmer, to a Sussex Camembert, … Read More

Oxford Blue Cheese & Godminster Brie

We have two new cheeses this week: Oxford Blue cheese & Godminster Brie with Garlic and Chives. OXFORD BLUE CHEESE With a view to overcome the lack of semi soft English cheese apart from Stilton, Oxford Cheese Company MD Baron Robert Pouget along with Steve Peace from Hartingdon creamery first … Read More

Somerset Camembert & Tunworth Cheese

This week we are looking at two camembert style cheeses: Tunworth cheese is our mighty, award-winning Hampshire cheese that can be found on every decent restaurant’s cheese boards these days, and Somerset Camembert which is not as well known, but is considerably cheaper.  I would buy Tunworth for a special … Read More

Cheese Making Kit

This weekend we have some fantastic cheese making kits available – simple to use, enormous fun and which provide loads of delicious cheese. We have Mozzarella and ricotta cheese making kits, a halloumi making kit and the Ultimate cheese making kit that lets you make 8 different cheeses: Mozzarella, Ricotta, … Read More

Black Bomber Cheese

The Black Bomber Cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company is consistently our most popular cheese.  This is a mature cheddar that has a depth of flavour that combines with a rich, smooth texture, which proves to be completely addictive. The Black Bomber Cheese has won numerous awards at The Great British Cheese … Read More

Char Coal Cheddar Cheese

Spook up the family this halloween with some striking completely black char coal cheddar cheese that is hugely popular with kids, while being good enough to have on your cheese board. Despite appearances, the cheese is a smooth, delicious mature cheddar and adds a brilliant contrast to any cheese board. … Read More

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