Chalk Stream Smoked Trout

The River Test is renowned for its trout fishing, but I personally think that the best way to enjoy trout is when it has been delicately smoked.  We now have smoked trout souurced from the River Test in Hampshire and farmed by Chalk Stream Farms.  This sustainable farm provides the … Read More

Fish This Week – Dressed Crab

Fish This Week Friday 10am – 12noon You can still place a pre-order for Friday collection or delivery up until midnight tonight and your orders will be prepped.   Fish Available Dressed Crabs – Are back on the menu and we have a small amount been processed – £5 Each. … Read More

Christmas Smoked Salmon

Christmas Smoked Salmon is a no-brainer – it’s delicious, requires no cooking or preparation (bread, butter, lemon juice) and will keep everyone happy. Our Smoked Salmon comes from Springs Smokery in West Sussex and it is seriously good.  Smoked in the traditional way using whole oak logs from woodland around … Read More

Fresh Fish Update

Fresh Fish This Saturday For this week only we will continue to keep fish to Saturday, if you’d like to know what Chantelle has available she should know by Friday Evening, so you can give her a quick call on 07551 008896 or email A huge thank you to everyone … Read More

Dressed Crab is Back

Tony, our crab and lobster fisherman, has now started dressing his own crabs.  So we will now be getting a regular supply of dressed crab for the rest of the summer. They are traditionally prepared in shells – with 150g of meat (50:50 white and dark). The cost will be … Read More

Wild Sea Trout

If you love salmon, but are worried about fish farming, then this is the next best thing: Wild Sea Trout.  It is sustainably caught and tagged in small numbers and has a very short season when it is available.  We have some this week. Sea Trout is very similar to … Read More

Hampshire Trout

We have some beautiful Hampshire Trout on Fish Friday’s at the moment – it comes from the Hampshire chalk streams of the Rivers Test and Itchen.  While they are farmed, it is sustainable and of the highest quality, with the chalk stream rainbow trout some of the tastiest, richest and … Read More

Skrei Cod – The Best Cod in the World

Skrei Cod is the finest cod you can buy.  It is line-caught sustainably in the Barents Sea off the Coast of Norway, with individual fish selected from the mature migratory shoals that return to their spawning grounds between January and April each year.  It is only the finest, perfect fish … Read More

Cod Stew with Olives and Capers

Cod Stew Recipe As the waters off the South Coast start to cool, the cod come inshore.  Fresh cod straight off the boat is hard to beat, and this cod stew gives warmth as the nights get cooler. Serves 4 2 courgettes, sliced thinly 6 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion … Read More

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