Gilt-head Bream, Bass and Plaice

The gilt-head bream used to be considered a mediterranean fish that was rarely caught in UK waters, but due to rising sea temperatures, are becoming more common. This week they are appearing in good numbers off the coast, and we are expecting a good catch from Pete.  They are regarded … Read More

Red Mullet, Black Bream and Bass

This week Pete has been landing plenty of lovely fish – we can only hope his luck continues so that he can have more of the same for Friday. Earlier he was catching red mullet, bream, bass, skate, Dover sole and plaice – but as the tides, wind and weather … Read More

The Thrill of Brill

I think Brill is one of the tastiest, best value fish you can buy at the moment, and I’m shocked that more people don’t eat it.  It’s being caught in good numbers at the moment, and we are selling 3-500g fish for £4.50.  That’s a fantastic meal for one person … Read More

Fresh Mackerel

The mackerel are shoaling the shores of the Solent as we speak – Pete’s nets are brimming and we have a magnificent Mackerel Mega-deal if you order with Chantelle before Midday Thursday.  3 mackerel, prepared as you wish, for £7.50 – but you need to email in order to get … Read More

BBQ Lemon Sardine Recipe

BBQ Lemon Sardine recipe Fresh Cornish Sardines are being landed at the moment, and they are ideal for cooking on the BBQ in the summer heat.  This recipe is incredibly simple, especially if you order the sardines already butterflied and makes for a delicious lunch or supper. You can eat … Read More

Local Lobster

Lobster is a serious luxury, especially when you can get it fresh off the boat and onto the plate within hours. However, at only £7.50 for a portion (a 750g lobster costs £15 and serves 2 people), it’s a luxury that’s worth tucking into.  Our lobsters come from Tony’s boat … Read More

Cuttlefish Recipe – the local catch

The cuttlefish are arriving all along the South coast in huge numbers where they are caught in cuttletraps.  Pete has been landing large quantities of these tasty moluscs and you should definitely give cuttlefish a try if you haven’t had it before. It is similar to squid and should be … Read More

Grey Mullet Recipe

Grey mullet get a bad reputation as you often see them swimming around murky harbours.  However, when they are caught out at sea, they have an altogether different taste and are firm fleshed and excellent value.  They are increasingly being bought up by smart London restaurants who value their excellent … Read More

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