EU Quota mismanagement means Pete cannot fish.

We try and source our fish directly from Peter William’s boat at Emsworth – that way we can guarantee the freshest fish, caught in the most sustainable way (from a small inshore dayboat).  Pete catches whatever is in season and that is the fish we serve to our customers outside … Read More

Smoked Salmon from Fjordling Smokehouses

Fjordling smokehouse is based just outsiide Salisbury – where Andrew Espir smokes fish and meat using traditional Norwegian curing and smoking methods to produce subtle, complex and delicious smoked salmon (amongst other things). Smoked salmon is now a mass produced commodity that can be found in a garage bagel with … Read More

Loch Duart Salmon

Loch Duart Salmon are the premium farmed salmon – which look and behave like wild salmon due to their low stocking densities and quality diet. Described as “the closest I have ever seen to wild salmon” by Rick Stein, a leading UK chef and food writer, in his television series … Read More

Article in the Sunday Telegraph

We were thrilled to have an article written about our Fresh Fish Friday’s with Pete the Fisherman in this weekend’s Sunday Telegraph. It sets out what Sam and I have been working on achieving for a while at the farm shop which is to provide fantastic fish direct from the … Read More

Four Fish – A book review

I’ve just finished reading Four Fish – A journey from the ocean to your plate by Paul Greenberg and would recommend it to anyone interested in the future of our fisheries. It’s amusing, brilliantly written and clearly gets the point across without lecturing the reader or getting you depressed. It’s … Read More

Rye Bay Scallops

A good friend called up this weekend and invited himself and his girlfriend for tea. I asked where they were coming from – and he replied ‘Rye’. I asked if he had had any scallops, he hadn’t. When they turned up at the door, he was holding a large bag … Read More

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