Wild Wood Pigeon

One of our local farmers, Trevor, shoots pigeon whenever he has the time. Unfortunately for the farmers, but luckily for you, Trevor is not harvesting wheat due to the atrocious weather. Instead he has been sitting, well hidden, shooting pigeon that has been fattening on the wheat, early blackberries and … Read More

Venison Wellington

Once again, we will be preparing our legendary Venison Wellington for Christmas, along with Beef Wellington, Vegetarian Wellington and Salmon encroute.  We use the finest venison or aged beef fillet, wrapped in Parma Ham, (or a crepe for the vegetarians) placed on a bed of wild mushroom duxelles, and then … Read More

Neu Blk – Black Lager from And Union

We have added another great beer from the thoroughbred brewery And Union in the form of their black lager – Neu Blk.  As with And Union’s other beers, this is a traditional Bavarian craft beer that combines barley, yeast, hops and water and is unfiltered. It’s a lager on account … Read More

Rabbit Stew Recipe

Our friendly local farmer, Trevor, has just dropped a load of rabbits round to the farm shop. They would make a delicious rabbit stew, and we have a yummy recipe with olives and rosemary below. They have been skinned and will be prepared by Gavin ready for the pot.  You … Read More

Game On – Venison season is back

August sees the venison season (specifically fallow bucks) start again which means that the butchery counter will have wild venison stocked from now until next year. This week we have venison burgers available in the shop as well as from the wood-fired kitchen, where it will be served with garlic … Read More

Muntjac Deer – a tasty terror

This week we have muntjac on the menu – widely regarded as the tastiest of all the venison and seen as a huge threat to our native woodland.  With the heavy rain during January, the Stansted fallow deer have moved to pastures new, migrating temporarily off the estate – so … Read More

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