Wild Rabbit

There has been a small cull of Stansted’s wild rabbits to ensure the population doesn’t get too large, so if you are interested in eating rabbit, let us know or pop into the shop. Wild rabbit is very lean, slightly gamey and extremely versatile.  The saddle can be pan fried, … Read More

Meat Box from £20

We are introducting a monthly Meat Box at the Stansted Farm Shop that gives you a good discount as well as a variety of cuts from local farms and producers. This month we have the following available: January Meat box for £20 which includes the following: 2 free range chicken … Read More

Venison Wellington Recipe

Venison Wellington is a delicious seasonal dish which uses the finest tasting venison loin and pairs it with wild mushrooms and prosciutto, wrapped in puff pastry. You can make individual portions which can be prepared the day before. Soak the chopped, dried wild mushrooms in hot water for 20 minutes. … Read More

Venison Box

This venison box offers a selection of the finest cuts of wild Venison from Stansted Park.  The fallow deer are completely wild and migrate across the South Downs eating a variety of leaves, herbs and grasses (as well as crops, roses and other delicacies that gardeners and farmers have kindly … Read More

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