Pannage Pork

Pannage Pork is pork that has fed off the woodland floor of the New Forest.  It comes from Richard’s farm on the edge of the forest and the pigs trot out from their barn every morning to graze in the forest on whatever takes their fancy.  Their favourite are acorns … Read More

Half Term Ham and Gammon

Gavin has been cooking up some serious Hams for the half term masses. You can buy it by the slice at the deli counter, or as part of your ploughmans lunch (which also comes with homemade pork terrine, salad, tomatoes, pickles and sourdough bread).  The ham has been glazed in … Read More

Game Pie Mix and Pork and Apple Pie

We have Game Pie Mix available this week, along with Gavin’s homemade pork and apple pies. Gavin has taken rare breed pork leg and roasted it, before adding some windfall apples (Thank you Sam’s Mum) from Stoughton and braised them both. These have been added along with sage stuffing to … Read More

Pannage Pork Pre-Orders

We are already taking pre-orders for pannage pork this year – with the acorn-fed New Forest Pigs being extremely popular. This is what pork would have tasted like hundreds of years ago, with the pigs allowed to wander freely throughout the New Forest hoovering up acorns, bracken and anything else … Read More

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