Suckling Pig

We will have some free range suckling pig available just before Christmas available for pre-order – ideal for a spectacular festive meal for about 6 people. If you like succulent pork and incredible crackling, then this is the way to do it. The pigs come from a small farm just … Read More

Award-Winning Sausages

It’s National Sausage Week along with Bonfire Night – so why not celebrate with some award-winning Sausages, handmade by Gavin using local rare-breed pork? We entered 3 different sausages into the Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition and two of them won Silver Awards – a fantastic result for first … Read More

Rare-Breed Pork Box

This week’s rare-breed pork box is £20 and contains the following cuts: 1 kg Roasting Joint 2 Packs of mixed sausages 2 pork chops 400g Belly slices Rare-breed pork differs from the commercial breeds that make up most of the pork in the UK.  It is not as fast growing, … Read More

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