Suckling Pigs for sale

We will have available a limited number of suckling pigs for sale in the run up to Christmas – available to pre-order only.  This makes for a spectacular meal for a maximum of six people – not only does it look incredible, but you get a huge amount of glorious … Read More

Gammon Recipes

We have two slightly differing gammon recipes to make the perfect ham. This is the ideal food for catering for large numbers, being delicious, cheap and easy. Before you cook it, you can soak your gammon overnight in cold water to reduce the saltiness, or if you are in a hurray, … Read More

Traditional Gammon

Our Gammon comes from the Keen family’s Sandridge Farmhouse.  They have been curing gammon and bacon using the Wiltshire cure for generations.  There are a number of factors that make this gammon particularly special, the first being that they rear their own pigs on the 350acre farm (as they have … Read More

Wild Boar

This week we have Wild Boar, farmed in Bramshaw within the New Forest. They are pure breed Wild Boar (unlike some farms that mix with domestic pigs for a more docile animal) that have to be farmed to exacting standards as they are classified as a dangerous wild animal that … Read More

Pannage Pork 2014

This year’s pannage pork season is now underway with the pigs roaming free throughout the New Forest.  While it is not a great acorn year, the beech mast is particularly fine and the warm start to the Autumn and the recent rain should ensure a bumper harvest of wild mushrooms.  … Read More

Acorn-fed and Organic Pork

This week we have some lovely Goodwood Pork that comes from a Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot cross. The traditional, rare breed pigs have a thicker layer of fat which provides incredible flavour and succulence to the meat that results in a completely different taste to the mass produced supermarket … Read More

Acorn-fed Pannage Pork

You may have noticed that this year there is a particularly heavy fall of acorns, and this is wonderful news for the acorn-fed pigs of the New Forest and for those who like outstanding pork with a rich, nutty tasty and outstanding texture. In Spain you pay serious money for … Read More

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