Pannage Pork Pre-Orders

We are already taking pre-orders for pannage pork this year – with the acorn-fed New Forest Pigs being extremely popular. This is what pork would have tasted like hundreds of years ago, with the pigs allowed to wander freely throughout the New Forest hoovering up acorns, bracken and anything else … Read More

Fresh Mackerel

The mackerel are shoaling the shores of the Solent as we speak – Pete’s nets are brimming and we have a magnificent Mackerel Mega-deal if you order with Chantelle before Midday Thursday.  3 mackerel, prepared as you wish, for £7.50 – but you need to email in order to get … Read More

Muntjac Deer – a tasty terror

This week we have muntjac on the menu – widely regarded as the tastiest of all the venison and seen as a huge threat to our native woodland.  With the heavy rain during January, the Stansted fallow deer have moved to pastures new, migrating temporarily off the estate – so … Read More

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