South Downs Lamb
Love Lamb Week

This week is Love Lamb Week – a chance to celebrate local lamb that has helped shape the South Downs National Park as we know it.  At this time of year, lamb is at it’s most delicious, especially when it has been enjoying a natural diet on grass fed pastures. … Read More

Curry Night

We are excited to be launching our first curry night which will take it’s influence from a range of Indian cooking, while using local produce for our main ingredients.  Gavin will be preparing each dish by hand using the freshest ingredients for a truly remarkable curry night. You can match … Read More

Wild Venison
Time for Wild Venison

Time for Wild Venison The venison season has started up again and there are several reasons why you should be sitting down to enjoy a meal or two of this delicious wild game. With historically high populations of both fallow and roe deer across the South Downs, as well as … Read More

Gorilla Spirits
Gorilla Gin

We are now stocking Gorilla Spirits Gins, another superb local gin that is made just north of here in Four Marks, Hampshire.  There are two Gorilla Gins, Silverback Mountain strength Gin with a strong but gentle flavour, and Silverback Old Tom gin which is packed with flavour and a little … Read More

cod's roe
Homemade Taramasalata

We have smoked cod’s roe available in the shop from Springs Smokery. With this you can make the most delicious taramasalata you have ever had. It’s nothing like the shop bought rubbish with it’s food colouring and filler, instead, it’s a smoky, fishy delicacy that makes ideal summer grazing while … Read More

Gelato & sorbets
Gelato and Sorbet Parlour – Staff Needed!

We have just opened our new Ice Cream parlour, selling Gelato and Sorbet from the outstanding Mooka Gelato in Petersfield.  With a range of 14 flavours, available in cones or tubs, with toppings and sauces – this is the perfect place to visit on a hot summer day. Mooka make … Read More

British Rose Veal
British Rose Veal

British Rose Veal We are now stocking a regular supply of British Rose Veal.  There are a number of reasons for this: The first being that veal is a delicacy, hugely popular on the continent with specialities such as the Italian dishes Ossobuco (from Milan) or Saltimbocca (from Rome), or … Read More

salt marsh lamb
Saltmarsh Lamb

This week we have some delicious saltmarsh lamb available in the butchery, renowned for it’s outstanding flavour, as well as being responsible for coastal conservation.  Our Saltmarsh lamb is currently from the Humber Estuary where it plays a vital role in maintaining the unique biodiversity of the saltmarsh.  The grazing … Read More

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