Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

We are genuinely excited by the arrival of our specialized orange juicer. You can now buy orange juice in 3 separate-sized bottles that is squeezed in front of your eyes.  I actually didn’t have a coffee this morning, instead, I sipped on a cool, refreshing glass of OJ. We’ll be … Read More

Chocolate Torte, Lemon Ice Cream, Local Strawberries

Our new homemade chocolate tortes are seriously indulgent. Made with Belgian Couverture chocolate, this is a grown-up desert and a little goes a long way. They are excellent with some of Simon’s vanilla ice cream, or even better, his lemon ice cream which balances out the richness of the torte … Read More

Marinate, Smoke, Sear & Relish – Bank Holiday BBQ Inspiration

If you are looking for some BBQ inspiration this bank holiday, then pop into the Farm Shop.  The butchery counter is ready, with homemade sausages, kebabs and koftas, burgers and steaks all ready for the coals.  For the more adventurous, there are pork ribs, spatchcock chicken, muntjac haunch, ribs of … Read More

Tom’s Bank Holiday Cheeseboard

If you have some friends or family coming round to enjoy the sunshine this Bank Holiday, then Tom has put together the perfect cheeseboard, ideal for the late spring sunshine. This board is £17.50 for 150g of each cheese, which will keep 6 of you very happy. Wild Garlic Cornish … Read More

Big Green Egg Course

This Big Green Egg course will guide you through setting up the egg, preparing ingredients and marinades, smoking, grilling, slow-cooking, baking, and roasting. We will also look at some of the accessories available that help gets the best results for your Big Green Egg.  We will finish up with a … Read More

St Georges Mushrooms – better late than never

St Georges Mushrooms have started to appear nearly a month late.  They are so-called as they tend to pop up on St Georges day, but with last month’s drought and cold, they very sensibly stayed tucked up in bed until it got a bit warmer. They grow in pastures and … Read More

Romano Remains

These Romano Peppers from the Isle of Wight Tomato Stall are truly spectacular – and are the ideal vehicle for creating a delicious meal using up your leftovers.  Any remains can be quickly transformed – with rice, beans or pulses, combined with gently fried onion and garlic, and enhanced with … Read More

Quickes Cheddars & Goat’s Cheese

We have a lovely array of Quickes cheeses, from their cloth-bound cheddars to their hard goat’s cheese, and their Devonshire Red, which all come in pre-packs. Mary is the 14th generation of the Quicke family on Home Farm, in Newton St Cyres, Devon and has been running the cheese business … Read More

Dried Sourdough Starter

Making Sourdough Simple! If you want to make seriously good bread, then sourdough is the way forward.  However, if you have trouble developing your sourdough starter or are short on time, then you can turn to this fantastic, locally made Organic Dried Sourdough Starter.  All you need to do is … Read More

Seasonal Deli Delights – Chicken & Asparagus Pie

In the interests of quality control and maintaining standards, I thought I would try one of Vicky’s Chicken and Asparagus Pies for lunch today.  It was full of succulent chicken, fresh Rogate asparagus and a rich, creamy sauce. No filler, no random bits of swede or unidentifiable vegetable matter, just … Read More

Heaven Patisserie Cakes

These are the most beautiful creations you can imagine, and not only do they look spectacular, but they taste divine as well.  You can choose between individual entremet or cakes for 4 people.  If you want a larger cake, please get in touch. Made by Sophie-Anne who has helped us … Read More

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