Fresh, local Asparagus – £2 per bunch

Asparagus Season has started – just six weeks of this glorious spring vegetable to enjoy.  It’s a short, sharp season, but it helps to bring us out of the hungry gap when the British fruit and veg season is at it’s most uninspiring. Steamed, stir fried, grilled or sliced raw … Read More

Freshly picked asparagus
Hopes and Spears – Local Asparagus is here

Finally after an unseasonably cold April, the first local asparagus arrived last week as our hopes for all fantastic British produce  starts to bear fruit.  Grown in Rogate at Slade Farm by Pete Davey – there really is nothing finer than freshly picked British Asparagus. My favourite way to cook … Read More

Asparagus, Jersey Royals and Pheasant Eggs

Finally some wonderful British produce is appearing following what is known as the Hungry Gap, when the cabbages and root veg leaves you slightly uninspired in the kitchen. Our asparagus is grown in Midhurst and is superb – cook it simply either boiled, grilled, or sliced thinly and eaten raw.  … Read More

Asparagus Season has arrived!

There is no better indicator that winter is behind us and that we have a long and glorious season of fresh South Downs produce ahead, than the arrival of asparagus.  It signals the end of the hungry gap and what a special treat it is too.  Our asparagus is locally … Read More

Summer Tarts & Picnic Cheese

We have some spectacular summer tarts available in the deli this weekend, made with fresh Westlands Strawberries, local rhubarb or apple, they are light, delicate and indulgent.  They are £2.50 each and were handmade this morning by Vicky’s husband, Alexander.  They go alongside our brownies, florentines and flapjacks, pies, quiche … Read More

Big Green Egg Demo Day

50th Birthday for the Big Green Egg We have a special offer, free beer and fizz and roast beef tasting, all before this year’s price increases, so there has never been a better time to buy a Big Green Egg than the weekend of 25th – 27th May. Demo Day: … Read More

Vicky’s Bean Salad

Vicky has put together a delicious, filling and healthy bean salad that is available to buy in pots alongside her sausage rolls, pies and quiche. Made with a mix of organic White beans, Red Kidney Beans, Butter Beans and Chickpeas, she has then added grated carrot, baby spinach, chopped red … Read More

The Changing Seasons: Venison, Fruit & Veg

This month, some of our favourite local foods are coming into season, while the winter stalwarts drop out.  Asparagus has finally emerged – sourced directly from Slade Farm in Rogate and delivered fresh to our door.  We have 3 bunches for £9 or a bunch for £3.25 with its incredible … Read More

Food In Season: April

April is the changing of the seasons and there are some unusual and different seasonal foods that you are unlikely to find on supermarket shelves, including foraged and wild. British crops are suffering from the ‘Hungry Gap’ as the winter veg comes to an end, and there are 4-6 weeks … Read More

Spring BBQ Course

This Spring BBQ course uses seasonal ingredients and a range of techniques to make sure you get the best out of your Big Green Egg. Ideal for beginners as well as more advanced users who want to expand their repertoire, we will guide you through setting up the egg, preparing … Read More

Vicky’s Quiche “Food of the Gods”

Vicky’s handmade quiches are always popular, with seasonal ingredients and being made freshly in the kitchen in small batches.  However, they have struck a particularly strong chord with one of our new customers: Jan, who wanted everyone to know how good they were. This is what Jan said: These homemade … Read More

Dip into Summer

There’s a definite change of diet when the sun comes out: lighter lunches, salads and grilled vegetables all perfect with some dips.  We have a lovely range of mezze, pickles, roasted and stuffed peppers, with Italian grilled aubergine and artichoke hearts making for truly delicious additions to a salad or … Read More

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