Seasonal Flowers & Bouquets from The Green Room

We are thrilled to have some beautiful seasonal daffodils and tulips alongside some truly wonderful bouquets in the shop at the moment.  They come from Victoria who is starting up a new venture – The Green Room in Rowlands Castle.  So if you want to light up your home with … Read More

Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Purple Sprouting Broccoli In Season

The first of the Purple Sprouting Broccoli (PSB) was picked this morning in Titchfield and is looking fantastic.  You can eat the whole stalk, it’s delicious, healthy, versatile to cook with and local, and at this time of year, the tender, delicious green leaves are such a treat as we … Read More

Goat or Mutton, Tagine or Curry?

We will have both goat and mutton arriving on Friday – and we also have a superb range of curry and tagine sauces so that you can order with your diced meat.  It makes life a lot easier: simply add the sauce and let the slow cooker do the rest.  … Read More

Leg of Mutton
Much Ado about Mutton

Much Ado About Mutton Mutton is tastier than lamb, but is more often regarded as a specialist meat that is fashionable in restaurants, but not kitchens. However, for centuries it was more popular than lamb and mutton chops were served at the last lunch on the Titanic (so don’t get … Read More

Barry Walker Hampshire Salami
Hampshire Salami

We are very excited to be stocking the award-winning Hampshire Salami that has just arrived in the deli counter – we are trying out their Nduja and classic Hampshire Farmhouse salami to begin with, but they have a great variety available.  The farmhouse salami is packed with flavour, with a … Read More

Seasonal Supper
February Seasonal Supper

If you need a little lift from the Winter Blues, then this menu is sure to get the taste buds jumping.  You may think that seasonal food at this time of year is a little dull, but we would argue otherwise: Local Charcuterie Canapés Starter Tea Smoked Goose Spring Roll, … Read More

Venison Sausage Roll
Venison Recipe + Steaks & Sausage Rolls, Diced & Pied

We have venison in all it’s forms this week, with roast haunch, steaks, loin, mince and of course diced for casseroles available from the butchery, while the deli counter is stocked with venison pies and sausage rolls (topped with fresh rosemary and coriander seeds). If you are thinking of celebrating … Read More

Wild Venison
Why we should be eating wild venison.

Wild Venison The venison season is in full flow and there are several reasons why you should be sitting down to enjoy a meal or two of this delicious wild game. With historically high populations of both fallow and roe deer across the South Downs, as well as increasing numbers … Read More

Gavin’s Pasta Course

I have been studying Italian cuisine for 25 years. I have worked and lived all over the world and have experienced many different pasta tastes, dishes and techniques. I love the traditions and how pasta has evolved . On this pasta course at Stansted Park farm shop, you will learn … Read More

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