Homemade Florentines

I’m vulnerable to a Florentine, there’s something about the combination of almond, caramel, fruit, and chocolate that is impossible to resist. Unfortunately, Vicky has started making homemade Florentines in the kitchen, and I secretly wish no one buys them so that we have to take them home, but so far … Read More

Game On – Savoury Jellies for Meat and Cheese

We have some brilliant new jellies that are made to be eaten with game – called Game On, there are 4 different flavours to match with wild meat and local cheese.  They are delicious, I’ve tried them all, and they are packed with flavour and quite unlike anything else available.  … Read More

Autumn & Christmas Wreaths

We have three lovely autumnal wreaths in the shop at the moment, made by Louise from Little Beeches Florist.  They are perfect for Halloween wreaths, adding colour and warmth inside or out.  We are looking forward to a larger range of Christmas wreaths as we enter the season, using locally … Read More

Emsworth Pottery

We have a new display of beautiful locally-made pottery in the shop, in a range of colours and styles that are unique but practical works of art.  In blues, browns and sandy glazes, with cups, plates, vases, and jugs, they invoke a sense of place. They make ideal vessels for … Read More

Locally made Wooden Boards & Products

We have a fantastic selection of beautiful oak chopping boards, egg racks, wooden trays, and organisers that have been crafted by Peter Leslie in Liphook using sustainably produced wood that has been grown near Petersfield.  They make superb gifts and look beautiful in the house.  We have had one of … Read More

Quince Charming

One of our lovely customers has brought in a large box of quince which was keenly bartered for.  They are particularly large and shapely (with a couple of naughty quinces lobbed in, much like the Royal Family). They are still firm, but will ripen over the next few weeks, and … Read More

Cobnut Oil and Walnut Oil

We have two locally produced and outstanding nut oils available at the moment, Cobnut oil and Walnut oil – both made from 100% cold-pressed nuts that are grown in Kent. The cold-pressed Cobnut Oil won Supreme Champion (the best product out of 6,000 entrants) a few years ago and has … Read More

Nuts about Autumn

We have just taken delivery of some glorious Kentish Cobnuts, both in and out of the husk.  Those in the husk are fresh, tender and moist, but will dry out over the next few weeks into the classic hazelnut kernel.  We also have Hampshire walnuts from St Clair’s estate, and … Read More

Apple Meringue Pie Recipe

Apple Meringue Pie was a special treat when I was growing up.  It’s a sweeter version of a standard apple pie, so might be best for young families, but it looks incredible and is great for celebrating the English apple season. Recipe for apple meringue pie: Ingredients: For the Pie … Read More

Big Green Egg Rotisserie

Big Green Egg now has a superb rotisserie attachment to spit roast your ingredients over the coals. The rotisserie gives you enough room to set up sides and sauces under the spit to absorb the juices from the meat above. It’s perfect for Sunday Lunch rotisserie chicken, leg of lamb … Read More

Sparkling Tea & Wild Botanical Drinks

We have some delicious new non-alcoholic drinks in this week, including Sparkling Tea and some outstanding wild botanical drinks that we have enjoyed tasting and can highly recommend. Real’s Sparkling Tea, Royal Flush, is made using first flush Darjeeling, the Queen of Tea, fermented to produce a non-alcoholic Sparkling which … Read More

Venison Burgers – Go Wild

The venison season has started, and with this Indian summer, it’s a great time to enjoy venison burgers, especially if you haven’t eaten venison in a while.  The venison is from wild fallow deer that roam freely across Stansted Estate and the South Downs, and we all need to eat … Read More

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