Asian Heat

We are building up a lovely collection of Asian-inspired sauces which can be added to local, seasonal ingredients to give you a sensationally new taste and food experience. It’s time to think beyond the usual condiments and spice up your dishes with some Korean or Japanese flavours that will get … Read More

Weald Smokery Charcuterie

We have added a superb variety of pre-cut smoked and air dried slices from the Weald Smokery to our charcuterie selection.  With smoked venison, Salt Beef, Meroni Coppa Tipo Parma and other salamis to tempt you, all from this award-winning Sussex smokery. The Weald Smokery have deliberately stayed small to … Read More

Stansted Summer Festival

The Stansted Summer Festival on 15th – 16th July is an eclectic weekend of family fun, quirky entertainment and a little bit of the eccentric all within the setting of a Quintessential Country Estate.  There are endless activities, from archery to Forest School, music to Woodland crafts, classic cars and … Read More

Mixed Isle of Wight tomatoes pangritata salad

This recipe uses wonderful ripe tomatoes and then transforms stale bread into a magical ingredients that add crunch and flavour.  It’s worth making a larger batch of the pangritata as you will become addicted, liberally sprinkling it on salads and pastas. Mixed Isle of Wight tomatoes pangritata salad Ingredients: 100g … Read More

Spatchcocked Chicken Recipe

If you spatchcock a whole chicken, the flavours of rub are more intense and the cooking time is reduced.  This can be cooked in a conventional oven, but also works well on the BBQ or even in your pizza oven (if you can keep the heat to about 220°C.  If … Read More

40 day aged steak

Lee has been ageing steak in the fridge and now has a selection of 40 day old steaks available for this hot summer weekend.  He has rump, sirloin, ribeye and fillet all available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The dry-ageing process intensifies the flavour as they lose moisture, and also … Read More

Strawberry Gin Cocktail

With that rare moment of English summer sun and heat, a refreshing strawberry gin cocktail with mint and lime will help sooth the heat of the day as you sit back and relax in the extended evening light of mid-summer. I’m a strawberry perfectionist and am only really happy eating … Read More

Father’s Day: BBQ, Beef & Beer

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, and we have a superb range of steaks, Tomaporks and ribs of beef, a load of locally brewed ales, some legendary chilli sauces, as well as BBQ and Pizza Courses which are great Dad gifts that will benefit the givers over the summer. Why not … Read More

Steak Salad Recipe

Steak Salad Recipe In the heat of the summer, a salad is perfect for lunch or a light supper, and I like to add a small bit of protein if it’s the main meal.  You can have flexibility, adding roasted vegetables, croutons (using up any stale bread), nuts and seeds, … Read More

Stansted Wildlife

There’s something very therapeutic about walking through the woods, shaded with a cool breeze, away from the heat of this weather.  There are lots of magical walks around Stansted, with the grass high and green, the trees offering dappled shade, and butterflies and dragonflies flitting around. Keep an eye out … Read More

Vicky’s Quiche “Food of the Gods”

Vicky’s handmade quiches are always popular, with seasonal ingredients and being made freshly in the kitchen in small batches.  However, they have struck a particularly strong chord with one of our new customers: Jan, who wanted everyone to know how good they were. This is what Jan said: These homemade … Read More

Applewood Cheese Wedges

Applewood Cheese is a white smoke-flavoured cheddar cheese that was first created in 1965 in Ilchester, in the heart of Somerset. Wherever possible, the cheesemakers use the best quality local ingredients mostly coming from Somerset and the surrounding counties. The defining characteristic of Applewood Cheese is its signature smokiness. It … Read More

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