Fresh Tartar Sauce

This handmade fresh Tartar Sauce from Catch is the perfect accompaniment to their fish and crab cakes. It’s a chilled, fresh tartar sauce, creme fraiche based, and loaded with sweet and sour flavours. Pot weight 150g  

Crabbie Crabcake – Handmade crabcakes

A very English crabcake, with fresh Isle of Wight crab meat, potatoes, leeks, and a little hint of chilli, lemon, and just the right amount of seasoning, encased in a crispy crumb.  Each pack contains 4 fish cakes, (2 each) with a pack weight of 320g. Catch won its first … Read More

Smokey Bill – Handmade Fishcakes

Named after one of the fishermen from Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) using locally caught fish that has been oak-smoked, with potato, spring onions, herbs, lemon, and just the right amount of seasoning, encased in a crispy crumb.  Each pack contains 4 fish cakes, (2 each) with a pack weight of … Read More

Shop Online

We are offering a delivery service to the following local towns & villages: Rowlands Castle, Havant, Bosham & Chichester, Stoughton & Compton. Deliveries will be made on Thursdays and Fridays. If you are able to use our click and collect service, please do, as this means we can prioritize those … Read More

Cold Pressed Oils & Dressings

The Cold Pressed Oil company is based near Farnham in Hampshire growing the seed to produce their Multi-Award Winning Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil,  You can buy the oil, or a range of superb dressings and flavoured oils.  The oil is ideal for cooking or for making your own salad dressings. … Read More

Fresh Mozzarella & Burratina

Fresh mozzarella should be a summer staple, paired with some wonderful Isle of Wight Tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and some fresh basil leaves.  It’s also great on pizza or even melted on a slice of toast with some fresh pesto.  150g We also have fresh burratina cheese from … Read More

Hairspring watercress
Alresford Watercress

Locally grown watercress is delicious and packed with vitamins. It’s a rich source of beta carotene, high in Vitamin A and C, and as a member of the mustard family, its small, dark green leaves have a fantastic peppery kick.  

Yarty’s Black Garlic Vinegar – recipe ideas

Yarty is a wonderful local producer run by Jayne and David, with a superb range of vinegar and cordials that use local ingredients based on old family recipes.  We use Black Garlic vinegar as an alternative to balsamic vinegar, but if you need further inspiration, read on… Let “Black Garlic … Read More

Yarty Artisan Vinegars

Yarty is a wonderful local company run by Jayne and David in Portsmouth where they make every product themselves using old family recipes. The quality of Yarty vinegar is outstanding, as they infuse the vinegar with fruits as opposed to just adding flavouring.  Most of the products that they use … Read More

The Stansted Honey Bees

Last week we had a swarm of honey bees near the car park, and called up the Stansted beekeeper, John Geden to come and rescue them. A swarm forms when a bee colony grows too large for the hive.  The existing queen bee moves out, taking half the colony with … Read More

Mixed Baby Leaf Salad

Our packs of Mixed Baby Leaf Salad are grown outside in Dorset.  Each pack has a selection of varieties according to what’s growing well, their shape, texture, flavour and colour. The crops include spinach, chards, lettuce, and brassicas (including Chinese leaves) together with other minor products such as red-veined rocket, … Read More

Wild Rocket

Our packs of wild rocket are grown by The Watercress Company and make for a delicious, peppery salad that can be eaten on its own (add balsamic & shaved Old Winchester cheese!) or into a mixed salad.  It’s a versatile green that can be used as a pizza topping, in … Read More

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