Heckfield Cheese

Heckfield is a semi-hard washed rind Guernsey cow’s milk cheese made with vegetarian rennet. It’s matured for 8-9 months and is named after Heckfield Park Farm where the milk is produced, down the road from cheesemakers Village Maid Cheese. Heckfield displays a rich umami flavour with savoury notes of Marmite … Read More

Rebel Charcuterie

Brighton based Rebel are producing some cracking charcuterie, including Nduja, Brighton Salami, Hunter Salami and sliced saucisson that we now have pre-packed in the shop. Their ‘Do Ya’ Nduja (100g pouch) is a spreadable salami that is one of those versatile ingredients that you can incorporate into almost any meal, but … Read More

Hambrook Oyster Mushrooms

Another great local supplier has popped up in Hambrook. Roger has started growing Oyster Mushrooms using straw and used coffee grounds from an Emsworth cafe as his substrate.  The mycelium grows into the substrate log in a dark, warm room for 3-4 weeks, before being moved into a light, high … Read More

Our new Butchery Apprentice

We are thrilled to welcome Sarah Porter as our new butchery apprentice starting tomorrow. Sarah is the ideal candidate, with a wealth of corporate and marketing experience, but who has always wanted to be a butcher.  She has excellent knowledge of food and cooking, having run a catering business with … Read More

Stansted House with sheep in foreground
Events at Stansted – Get involved!

There is always something going on at Stansted, especially as lockdown eases, starting this weekend with the wonderful Stansted Garden Show.  There is also the Nostalgia Show, followed by Stansted Unlocked, which will be a great weekend that will give you the chance to explore all the changes that have … Read More

Light Summer Bries

Brie is the ultimate summer cheese, a soft, white cheese that is creamy, rich, and melts in the mouth.  We have several to choose from, including from our most local cheesemaker: Goodwood Home Farm. Levin Down is a deliciously rich and creamy soft white cheese that melts in the mouth. … Read More

The Butcher’s Bespoke BBQ

It’s hot, safe to gather outside, and ideal conditions for some British BBQ.  Our fantastic butchery team are here to help you with some bespoke BBQ cuts, so if you have a burger recipe, want a special kind of kebab, or are after Jacob’s Ladder or Bavette steak, let us … Read More

Big Green Egg Course

This Big Green Egg course will guide you through setting up the egg, preparing ingredients and marinades, smoking, grilling, slow-cooking, baking, and roasting. We will also look at some of the accessories available that help gets the best results for your Big Green Egg.  We will finish up with a … Read More

Sloe & Wild Pop-Up Dinner

Please join us for our first dinner of the year! We are thrilled to begin a collaboration with award-winning chef Mark Robinson from Sloe & Wild, starting with this pop-up dinner at the farm shop on Friday June 25th.  Please see the details and menu below.  In the event that … Read More

Hodmedod’s Beans, Peas, Pulses, Grains & Flour

I think Hodmedod’s is the future of our food: UK grown, organic, veg-based, heritage crops that are backed up with care for the soil and the environment, with inspiring recipes and innovative products.  We should all be eating less meat, but also less processed food.  My worry is that the … Read More

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