Kids Pasta: Farm

Organic Kid’s Pasta

Everyone knows that kids love pasta, whether with cheese, tomato sauce
or simply with butter. On the Swabian Alb, the home of ALB-GOLD and
Swabian Spaetzle, the favorite dish of all kids is “Spaetzle with gravy”.
The little ones also enjoy themed pasta, whether rabbits, pigs, bicycle
or heart shaped pasta.

ALB-GOLD Kid’s Pasta is made from 100% of the best organic durum
wheat semolina.… Read More

Tuppenny Barn – Organic Smallholding Open Day

This Sunday afternoon (13 July) Tuppenny Barn are holding an open day from 2-5pm where you can explore the lovely smallholding and see their amazing new Education Centre, made with hay bale walls, it is an incredibly beautiful oak framed roundhouse. This is a great chance to explore an organic … Read More

Hairy Hungarian Hog – Mangalitsa Pork

The Mangalitsa Pig looks half sheep half pig, with a distinctive fleece that derives from being cross-bred with a wild boar.  It’s meat is renowned for wonderful flavour due to a rich marbling of fat that provides succulent texture and taste which has led to the meat being described as … Read More

Courgette Recipes and the Veg Swap Scheme.

Following on from a newsletter request for courgette recipes, we had a great response for some delicious solutions of managing the seasonal glut. It might be worth pointing out that if you do have a glut of any fruit or veg this summer, then we would be happy to barter … Read More

Crayfish Party

We have some live local crayfish available at £19/kg or £90 for 5kg – a perfect summer party food! Enjoy a delicious celebratory feast with a glorious Swedish crayfish party while at the same time eating one of the most ethical and ecologically tasty wild foods as you play your … Read More

Burwash Rose: semi-soft raw milk Cheese

We currently have one of our favourite cheese discoveries in the deli at the moment: Burwash Rose.  This cheese is made from raw milk from a grass-fed dairy herd in the village of Cuckfield, West Sussex. The cheese is then crafted by Traditional Cheese Dairy in Stonegate East Sussex Burwash … Read More

Tremendous Trout Treat – Wild Tagged Sea Trout

Sea Trout is very similar to wild salmon, being slightly more delicate, but equally as tasty and considerably cheaper.  This is a superb opportunity to enjoy this fantastic wild fish during the short season when it is available.  Prices are currently £16/kg. The Sea Trout are caught and tagged in … Read More

Grow Your Own Clothes – cloth making course

Cathy Flower-Bond will guide us through another of her amazing courses on 12th July – how to grow and make your own clothes! The course runs from 10.30am to 3pm. Learn about how to produce natural fibres from fleece, nettle and flax. before spinning a little on spindle whorls (Try your … Read More

Traditional Dairy Course

A hands-on cheese making course focusing upon dairying techniques through the ages. We shall be making butter and different styles of cheese from historical cheese recipes. No prior knowledge is expected. Set in the fabulous old kitchen at Stansted House, this course is ideal for all the family and includes … Read More

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