Entertaining the Hungry Holiday Hordes

Whoohoo – it’s the summer holidays and the kids can enjoy the sunshine and recuperate.  The question is what to do for holiday entertainment? Our pizza ovens will be blazing on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with a 10″ marguerita from £6.  If there is a group of you who … Read More

Summer Sardines, Razor Clams, Lobster and Hake

Pete has his boat in the drydock this week making annual repairs, so we are sourcing from the Brighton dayboats this week. While they are not as local as Pete in Emsworth, they are still from the South Coast and we are always extremely impressed by the quality of the … Read More

The Real Jam & Chutney Company’s Chutney

The Real Jam and Chutney Company’s jams and chutneys are hand-made in small batches to retain flavour and freshness. Wherever possible they use produce grown in Hampshire to keep the number of food miles low and to support local farmers. They also hand-pick many of the seasonal varieties including heading … Read More

Seville Orange Marmalade

The Real Jam and Chutney Company’s Seville Orange Marmalade comes from a centuries old recipe that has created a fresh, true breakfast marmalade

Homemade in Hampshire from seasonal produce, using traditional recipes!Read More

Lamb Merguez Sausages

Gavin has been busy making Lamb Merguez sausage from local South Downs lamb, as well as Chorizo, Stansted and Plain sausage from Berkshire Black rare-breed pork. There are now very few places where you get genuine hand-made sausages as it is impossible to do this on any great scale.  As … Read More

Compliments to the Condiments

The problem with some of our chutneys and pickles is that they are so tasty, they can become the main focus of your meal.  We had some friends round for a tasting, and they were more excited about the garnish than what we were tasting. Almost all of the chutneys … Read More

Scallops and Lemon Sole – Fresh Fish Friday

We have Rye scallops in the half shell available this week – ideal for Scallop Gratin where you cook them in their shell. Simply add a knob of garlic butter to the shell with the scallop, sprinkle a light dusting of cayenne pepper, and top with grated parmesan.  Place under … Read More

Sussex Charcuterie: Salami, Beer Sticks and Bacon

We recently discovered the delights of Moons Green Charcuterie who are hand-making the best British charcuterie we have yet tried.  Based in East Sussex, John and Jose create every recipe, stuff every saucisson, grind their own spices, hand rub every cure into every pancetta, pork buttock, loin and bacon slab … Read More

Kids Pasta

Everyone knows that kids love pasta, whether with cheese, tomato sauce
or simply with butter. On the Swabian Alb, the home of ALB-GOLD and
Swabian Spaetzle, the favorite dish of all kids is “Spaetzle with gravy”.
The little ones also enjoy themed pastas, whether rabbit, bear, car or
bicycle shaped pasta. Kids will enjoy these extraordinary pastas, which
will find their way to the tiny mouths all on their own.


ALB-GOLD Kid’s Pasta is made from 100% of the best organic durum
wheat semolina.
Always popular amongst the little ones are the historic Dinos with
with three different dinosaur shaped pastas. Read More

Tuppenny Barn – Organic Smallholding Open Day

This Sunday afternoon (13 July) Tuppenny Barn are holding an open day from 2-5pm where you can explore the lovely smallholding and see their amazing new Education Centre, made with hay bale walls, it is an incredibly beautiful oak framed roundhouse. This is a great chance to explore an organic … Read More

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