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  • Chalice Mead

    Chalice Mead

    Mead is simply honey and water, where the honey ferments into alcohol.  Most commercial meads are incredibly sweet and sickly, but Chalice Mead is balanced and delicious.  For a drink that has been around since 2700BC in England, mead has got to be something pretty spectacular, and Chalice Mead is … Read More
  • Chichester Harbour Gin

    Made by two friends of ours, Paul and Martin, Chichester Harbour Gin could not be more local and delicious.  They have used local produce, such as bayleaf, seaweed and juniper, to develop this unique small-batch handcrafted gin which contains 15 botanicals. It’s a particularly smooth and refreshing gin, ideal for … Read More
  • Dampney’s Remarkable Drinks

    Dampney’s make a superb range of fruit-based gins, vodkas and liqueurs that use local farmed and hedgerow fruit. They are steeped, pressed, filtered and bottled in East Meon (the Meon Valley is a hotbed of alcoholic producers – there must be something in the water!) and the whole family gets … Read More