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  • South Downs Butter – 200g

    We have delicious local South Downs Butter from Bookham Harrison Farms in the Sussex village of Rudgwick.  Their butter has consistently won every award going, including 3 Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards 2018. This is butter as it should taste, made with cream that is specially aged for three … Read More
  • Stansted Sinah Common Honey

    Delicious raw honey from the hives on Stansted Estate

  • Steak Box

    Our steak box gives you superb value on a selection of aged, local steaks. This steak box includes the following: 2 Sirloin steak (280g each) 2 Rump Steak (200g each) 2 Fillet Steak (175g each) 500g diced beef steak 500g steak mince Each steak box is freshly prepared from aged … Read More
  • Sussex Charmer – 200g

    We have delicious local Sussex Charmer from Bookham Harrison Farms in the Sussex village of Rudgwick. Combining the creaminess of a mature farmhouse cheddar with the zing of an Italian Style Hard Cheese, this versatile cheese represents a stunning addition to the cheeseboard. In 2008, it won Best New Dairy … Read More
  • T-Bone Steak (550g)

    T-Bone steak offers the ultimate taste – with a piece of sirloin and fillet separated by the bone which adds incredible flavour.


  • Topside of Beef

    Topside of Beef (per kg)

    The topside of beef makes for a lovely roasting joint when slow-cooked and served pink, or marinated and flash fried.


  • Tunworth Cheese

    Tunworth Cheese (200g)

    The Tunworth is a fabulous cheese that is a local and much improved version of a Camembert – in fact Raymond Blanc described it as “the best Camembert in the world”.

    Tunworth has won the Supreme Cheese champion of the UK twice (in 2006 and 2013) and is an incredible cheese that we are fortunate to have on our doorstep.

    WEIGHT 250 grams

    Tunworth has a long-lasting sweet, nutty flavour and a creamy texture with a thin wrinkled rind. Tunworth Cheese is made by hand in small batches in our purpose-built creamery with pasteurized whole cows milk.

    First specific starter cultures are added to the warm milk. The animal rennet is added and the curd begins to set. After several hours the curds are cut into one-inch cubes and placed gently into cheese molds.

    The cheeses drain overnight and are dry salted the next day. From the production room, they are placed on racks and taken into the ripening room where they grow their white coats.

    The cheeses are then wrapped and boxed in special poplar boxes and placed into a maturing room for several weeks before being despatched to our wholesale and retail customers.

  • Sandridge gammon

    Whole Sandridge Smoked Gammon (on the bone)

    Whole Sandridge Smoked gammon on the bone; “the finest British cured pork”.

  • Wild Rocket

    Our packs of wild rocket are grown by The Watercress Company and make for a delicious, peppery salad that can be eaten on its own (add balsamic & shaved Old Winchester cheese!) or into a mixed salad.  It’s a versatile green that can be used as a pizza topping, in … Read More
  • Wiston Estate Brut NV

    The Wiston Estate is known for its output of rich, flavoursome, and incredibly drinkable wines. The soil’s chemical composition is exactly the same as the famous Champagne region, you’ll enjoy the delightful taste, aroma and finish of the Wiston Estate Brut NV and appreciate its unique freshness. As well as … Read More
  • Yarty Artisan Vinegars

    Yarty is a wonderful local company run by Jayne and David in Portsmouth where they make every product themselves using old family recipes. The quality of Yarty vinegar is outstanding, as they infuse the vinegar with fruits as opposed to just adding flavouring.  Most of the products that they use … Read More