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  • Free Range Chicken 1.5kg

    Free Range Chicken, succulent and full of flavour, with giblets.

  • Roast Goose


    Our local geese make for the perfect roast on Christmas Day.

  • Lamb Box

    Lamb Box

    With 3 different options available, a lamb box is the finest way to experience our grass fed lamb.


  • Leg of lamb

    Leg of Lamb

    A local leg of lamb is perfect for a family roast, or ask our butcher to butterfly it for the BBQ.
  • Leg of lamb

    Leg of Lamb (boned and rolled)

    Our South Downs leg of lamb is the perfect Sunday Roast, and having it boned and rolled makes it even easier to prepare.

  • Leg of Pork

    Our Free Range leg of pork is excellent for roasting, with a good layer of fat to ensure a succulent, tasty meal.


  • Beef Mince - £13.50

    Minced Beef

    Our lean Minced Beef is a tasty addition to whatever dish you choose to make it with.

  • Christmas Free Range Bronze Turkey

    Organic Bronze Turkey

    Organic Bronze Turkey will make the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas or Thanksgiving meal.

  • Turkey Crown

    Organic Turkey Crown

    The Organic Turkey Crown is the white breast meat left on the bone, and is ideal for smaller families and those who don’t want too many leftovers.

  • Pannage Pork

    Our Pannage Pork Boxes are from New Forest Pigs that are free to roam the forest floor eating acorns in the most natural way possible. Pannage is a traditional practice that has been in existence since Henry VIII, resulting in great-tasting pork that is healthy, sustainable and delicious.


  • Partridge (each)

    Partridge are an excellent introduction to game, being tender, easy to cook and tasty without being too gamey.

  • Pork Mince

    Our truly Free Range pork mince makes the perfect addition to a variety of dishes, beautifully enhancing the flavour.