Banhoek Chilli Oil




If you like a little heat in your food, then a top-quality chilli oil is a kitchen essential.  Banhoek Chilli Oil is some of the best we’ve tried, and comes is a cracking bottle, so that it can take it’s place at the table with pride.

Made in the picturesque valley of South Africa’s Western Cape winelands, Banhoek Chilli Oil was founded on three principles: quality, consistency and flavour. While there are niche chilli oils that use olive oil as a base, they believe that the boldness of the olive taste masks the subtle flavours of the chillies. And they are all about the chilli.

That’s why they use a neutral-tasting oil, premium rapeseed oil, harvested from the golden farmlands of the Overberg district, an hour’s drive from Cape Town. It’s the perfect partner for the locally grown Bird’s Eye chillies that are sun-dried, hand-crushed and gently infused into the oil to deliver the perfect balance of flavour and heat.

So why don’t they leave some of those lovely chillies in the bottle? For starters, the flavour will keep changing. By carefully filtering the chillies from the oil once they’ve achieved the perfect balance of flavour and heat, they ensure that the flavour of Banhoek Chilli Oil will be as perfect the day you open the bottle, as the moment it left their kitchens.


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