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These crayfish are caught by hand from our local chalk stream rivers by Carl using traditional pots.  He catches American Signal Crayfish, an invasive species causing widespread damage to our freshwater environment, so we need to eat them.  Luckily, they are also delicious. With repeated and extensive trapping, their numbers and environmental impact can be reduced.

They are available pre-cooked fresh or frozen, in trays.

The formidable American Signal Crayfish poses a massive threat to native species in rivers, lakes and ponds. It has already annihilated the smaller native White Claw crayfish from most of the waterways in the south of England. A voracious predator it will eat almost anything it finds including plants, invertebrates, snails, small fish, and fish eggs. The Signal also digs burrows up to three feet long in river banks where each year it lays more than 250 eggs at a time. The numbers and size of the burrows are increasingly causing rivers to silt up and their banks to collapse.

Carl is extremely popular with local fishermen, as the process of removing crayfish from fishing beats results in increased fly life, while those crayfish that are too small for the trap are now finding their way into the bellies of trout as an excellent food source.  This has resulted in catches of brown trout in excess of 3lbs for the first time in decades.

We hope you enjoy eating one of the most ethical and ecologically tasty wild foods as you play your part in reducing a terrible threat to British waterways.

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