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At Lodge Farm in Forestside, neighbouring the Stansted Estate, there is a herd of grass-fed Dexter cattle.  They graze year-round, with access to shelter during poor weather.  The Dexter is a hardy native breed (originally Irish) that is the smallest of the European breeds. They thrive on low-quality pastures and scrub, and are ideal for conservation grazing.  Their pastures are not sprayed with fertilizer or herbicides.

Dexter Beef is renowned for tenderness and old-fashioned, full-flavoured beef, with a limited amount of high-quality fat. The smaller size means that our butchery team will cut thicker steaks, with smaller roasting joints.  Because the Dexters are slow-growing, with it’s excellent mixed forage diet, the meat is marbled and high in CLAs, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

We are ageing the beef for 3 weeks and it will be available to pick up from the 18th March.  We can deliver Dexter Beef Boxes from the 21st March.

Dexter Beef Box contains:

  • Roasting Joint 1kg
  • Slow Roasting joint 1.5kg
  • Rump Steaks 2 x 200g
  • Mince 2 x 500g
  • Stewing 1 x 500g


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