Ewe Eat Me Cheese (200g)




Ewe Eat Me cheese by Alsop and Walker is a hard yet creamy-tasting cheese full of nutty undertones and encased in a striking red rind. This local cheese balances sweet bite with a delicate taste and firm, open texture. Similar to a Manchego, this cheese is made from pasteurised ewes milk and matured for 16 – 20 weeks. Its natural rind results in a very mellow smooth tasting and well balanced cheese. Based in East Sussex, their milk is sourced from a local farmer.

This cheese would make the perfect cheeseboard centrepiece, with its rind reminiscent of dragon hide.

Ewe Eat Me has won three awards highlighting its quality – British Cheese Awards (Silver), Best Artisan Hard Cheese (Gold) and Vest Sheep Hard Cheese Virtual Cheese Awards (Gold).



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