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Greeny Peeps Tea is a fantastic organic tea company run by a friend of ours. Greeny Peeps not only supplies delicious, healthy teas, but also clearly demonstrates where their tea is grown, harvested, dried, and blended.  They directly support small producers, the environment, and the climate to ensure that by buying their tea, you are making a positive contribution to all three.

The teas are delicious, high quality, and organic.

  • Pure Spiced Chai – A smooth Ceylon tea with a warm mix of spices. A brew that will wrap its arms around you and give you a comforting hug. (20 teabags)
  • Camomile Tea – A fresh and pure tea. It’s gentle, warming floral character is supported by subtle, fruity notes. (20 teabags)
  • Peppermint Tea – A rejuvenating and lively tea. No mistaking this refreshing, uplifting taste that will awaken the senses at any time of day. (20 teabags)
  • Revitalising Tea – A lively, energetic tea. Sweet, minty fresh… This tea is perfectly suited to the morning ‘pick-me-up’ or the afternoon ‘get-me-through-to-dinner’ cuppa. (15 teabags)
  • After Dinner Tea – A subtle, calming tea to aid digestion. This is a blend of nature’s finest and most soothing tastes.(15 teabags)
  • Calming Bedtime Tea – A relaxing and delicate tea. Very light and subtle in flavour providing the perfect wind down comfort drink before retreating to the land of nod.(15 teabags)


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Camomile Tea, Peppermint Tea, Pure Spiced Chai, Revitalising, After Dinner, Calming Bedtime


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