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Netherton Foundry makes beautiful pans and bakeware that match our food perfectly.  Hand-made in Shropshire by this family business, using iron, oak and flax oil, there are no chemical nasties involved, while the spun iron creates pans that last a lifetime.

They are loved by Nigella Lawson and Diana Henry amongst others and make wonderful gifts for those who take their cooking seriously.  This is due to their ability to caramelize your food, creating an extra delicious edge to your food that non-stick pans cannot replicate. Also non-stick pans chip, scratch and quickly become stick pans.  How many non-stick pans are you going to hand down to the kids?  Netherton pans are also ideal for BBQ and outdoor cooking.

The iron bowls and pans distribute heat evenly with no hot spots, and are difficult to bend, warp, dent or scratch.  They will last a lifetime and maybe longer, just don’t drop them onto a hard surface!
Cast and spun black iron are great for browning and searing food, so many recipes only need one bowl or pan. A well-seasoned cast-iron bowl or spun black iron pan will fry virtually “fat free” for exceptionally healthy cooking.  You can cook on almost any cooking hob including: halogen, gas, electric, induction*, ceramic*.
Advice:  * be careful to heat slowly at first.
We have in stock wooden handled frying pans (10″ & 12″), prospector pans with lids (10″ & 12″), Woks and cake tins.  They are light, versatile and your kitchen will be a better place for them.

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Netherton Foundry

frying pan 10", frying pan 12", Wok 13", Prospector casserole 10", Prospector casserole 12", Loaf Tin 2lb


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