Red Mullet 300g each


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Red mullet are in season at the moment and historically have always been in huge demand especially by the Romans. At one stage they were worth their weight in pure silver. Nowadays red mullet are mainly consumed by the French which is why you don’t see them much in the UK, but they are caught in our waters regularly.

Red mullet has an intense, rich flavour that comes from their crustacean diets of crabs, shrimps and small fish that is also reflected in their colouring – red/pink with lines of yellow.  Despite the name, they are not closely related to the grey mullet but are in fact a type of goat fish – distinguished by their two chin barbels that help find prey beneath the sand.

The flavour of the red mullet is strong enough to mix with many other flavours – and herbs such as rosemary, thyme or fennel will go well.

Our fish are currently coming direct from Cornish dayboats, but we will be stocking fish from Fresh from the Boat when they have finished their new unit.

If you would like your fish filleted, please do let us know.

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