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Roe Deer Venison Box


This box of roe deer venison is the perfect way to experience the fantastic quality of this meat.

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Roe deer are considered the finest eating of all venison. The quality of the meat is fantastic: lean, fat free and delicious due to the roe deer’s diet of mixed vegetation that results in a delicate taste. They are in season throughout the year, although due to their small size, are elusive in the summer when grass and crops are as high as they are. For more information on why we ought to eat venison, read our blog, here.

Our venison box contains the following selection of cuts:

  • Boned and rolled venison haunch joint (1kg)
  • Pack of diced casserole steak (1kg)
  • Pack of finest venison fillet (300g)
Producer Information

All of our venison comes from the Stansted Estate. Fallow and Roe deer provide a year-round supply, although the Roe are elusive in July when the crops and bracken are high! They are completely wild, the Fallow deer migrate through the estate depending on what they are feeding on, while the Roe are territorial and tend to stay in the same areas. They are culled as part of the forestry management that ensures a healthy balance of deer numbers while allowing saplings and woodland plants to thrive.