Seville Oranges


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This year’s Seville Oranges are in – and with lockdown in place and cold, damp weather, there is no better place to be than stirring a large pot of seriously citrussy warm Seville Oranges for some homemade marmalade.

Here are some useful tips for marmalade making:

  • Use fresh Seville Oranges, don’t leave them sitting in the fridge for a week.
  • Use a thick-bottomed pan that’s wider than it is tall
  • The quicker the better – so heat up your sugar before you add it to the oranges by placing it in a saucepan for 15mins at a moderate heat, but avoid caramelizing it.
  • Heat the oranges for 10 minutes before adding the sugar to evaporate water and ensure the rind has started to soften.
  • Never add water.
  • You can skim off the scum at the end

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You can find a recipe here for marmalade or a delicious, gluten-free cake


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